Digiresults has been down the last couple of days. Anyone have info?

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Digiresults has been down the last couple of days. I have several sites on Digiresults. This happened a few months back but it was back up fairly quickly. Does anyone have any information about this or know who to contact?
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    The owner of DIgiResults is Andy Fletcher - he is a member here. You should be able to contact him thru here or Facebook.

    Doesn't seem like him to just go cold.

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    Digiresults is the most UNRESPONSIVE payment network there is..

    I have been using them for the last two years..

    during this period I write emails to to them and I get the ticket confirmation auto response.
    but they NEVER reply.. either the issue resolves itself or I have to figure how to go about it over time..

    After their goind down recently.. and now back up..

    I realised my account had been restored but put on ICE..
    meaning the buy links for old products were restored..
    but any changes on price.. equity partners that you make on those
    products are NOT effected though the changes appear to have been saved..

    for example in one product.. I removed an equity partner and saved changes..
    however new sales -- one week later still send a share to an equity partner that I removed..

    Its like digiresults restored their website in a cache server. so no amount of changes are effected.

    I also tried creating new products.. but buy links are unavailable showing "the product no longer available for sale"

    now all these issues are fine.. if you have a responsive support that acknowledges the users challenges with a promise to address the issues..

    but any support requests go unanswered for eons..

    for anyone looking for a network to grow with I would highly discourage from going with digiresults..

    Mike N

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