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How can I find targeted expired weebly blogs?
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    get in touch with Weebly support team. Maybe they will help you regarding this.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@ Bloggingpond.com

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    I'm pretty sure the Weebly staff won't help you on this one.

    You could create a list of Weebly blogs by scraping the results from searching for 'site:weebly.com' on Google (16,500,000 results).

    This could be created with a custom software solution or a script that plugs into the scraping utility software Scrapebox.

    A potential opportunity is offering current Weebly customers a professional web site and hosting solution. The subdomain.weebly.com domain doesn't exactly look professional!

    There are obvious rules regarding cold emailing Weebly's customers here so check them out first.
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    Why do you want to target expired Weebly blogs?

    The fact that their expired shows that the owner doesn't care or gave up, their on Weebly so they probably don't have any money, and their blogs which shows it might of been just for a hobby or a mom and pop shop who went out of business.
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