Video or pdf for teaching?

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I'm one of those people who far prefer to read PDFs at my own pace rather than spend my time watching a video.

In your experience have you seen that customers prefer video or PDFs? The growing popularity of YouTube shows that video IS a must....but I'm wondering just how many people really do prefer it.


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    do both and sell video as the up sell for example

    Sell the pdf version of your product for $47

    and sell the pdf + video version of your product for $77
    Nothing to sell, only value to give and new knowledge to learn.
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    I prefer to read too... Some topics are best suited to video (eg photoshop tutorials), but I much prefer to read - that way I can skim over the bits I already know, in so much less time than it takes to watch a video...


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      Originally Posted by coco28 View Post

      I prefer to read too... Some topics are best suited to video (eg photoshop tutorials), but I much prefer to read - that way I can skim over the bits I already know, in so much less time than it takes to watch a video...
      I agreed with you.

      Both of them have their own pro and contra. But its depends on what kind of information you want to sell. If you just want to tell the step, you can tell them using PDF. But, for a tutorial that you think very hard to write, just using the video.
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    Learning via a video is the best and easiest way to learn something especially
    when it comes to learning internet marketing however you should take in
    consideration, there are still lots of people online with slow internet connections
    so if you can provide both options, then you will surely be on a winner
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    I prefer video if it is a technical subject. That way you can see on screen what you need to be clicking etc. The pdf or powerpoint should accompany a video so that people can have quick access if the video is not loading

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    Learning whilst you can follow what is happening on screen is POWERFUL, video is the way to go!

    Not only is it a better learning tool (you can always include a PDF too if you like) but there are some other powerful things about video too!

    1) MUCH higher perceived value in a "video course" vs a PDF
    2) Video can be alot quicker to create a product with than writing. This obviously depends on your skillset but I know shooting a video is much quicker for me than writing an ebook for example!

    Obviously different people learn in different ways so the surefire winner will always be a combination, perhaps a PDF which covers the main points and the video which shows and explains them in detail and walks you through.

    I talk about video quite a bit on my blog because its such a powerful medium. Check it out if you like. (Not trying to promote my blog, just that it might well have some interesting content for you)

    Lastly, video can build a connection MUCH faster than the written word and building a connection between the teach and the pupil is something that I feel is very important.
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    Why not put the video inside the PDF?

    Using PDF Printer Pro you can create PDFs that stream the video from YouTube right inside the PDF. The PDF size will only be 86Kb.

    Signature - Javadocs
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    To be honest, I have never watched a video for instructions. I prefer to either read instructions or the good ol' hit-ant try method.

    So I would go for the PDF.
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    I like pdf more too, but I know many people like videos
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    It has to be the pdfs they are handy to refer back to and learn at your own pace. You also have the ability to print them out and use them as you need them.

    however i wouldnt be too happy with a pdf ebook that was teaching you a skill if it didnt have lots of screenshots.

    kind regards

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    Personally, when I create a product, I have it centered around videos then include some type of quick action pdf that people can refer to.
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    I think video for technical/software demos are best.

    But enjoy reading PDFs offline to learn marketing theory.

    Someone has already suggested that you offer both ... I would go with this and let your customers decide. More choice should provide you with more sales.

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    I much prefer pdfs - unless it is a topic I am totally unfamiliar with, when video can be useful.

    If I am at all familiar with the topic, I find videos frustratingly slow to watch unless they are very tightly scripted and produced. Unfortunately most aren't.

    (And this is not to mention the bandwidth required to download videos.)

    Kind regards, Kerrie

    - - - - -
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    I would rather have a pdf to read than watch a video. For some reason I can't stay focused on a video for very long. I would say to have both with the video as an upsell so no matter what you prefer you have it covered.
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    i getting a huge PDF can be quite daunting but im not a big reader, videos work best for me
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      I think it really depends on what you are teaching. My website is predominantly video based and I've never heard any complaints nor suggestions that I usef pdf (although I do have text based information).

      It also depends on your audience (i.e. children, English as Second Language learners, elderly...).

      If you offer both, you'll be catering to everyone.
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    I'm all for both. Either upsell one version or make them both part of the main deal.

    On a related note, I've noticed that videos are great for selling info products. You might try a marketing video on your sales page to help improve sales conversions for your PDF info product.

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    I prefer PDF's for most things. I like written instructions that I can add notes to and scribble on so I usually print the PDF.

    However, I found there were some things I just couldn't learn from a PDF. I needed to watch someone doing it on a video.

    My preference is for both video and PDF. I hate it when I only have a video to work from. It means I have to make notes or take screenshots of written material. I hate that with a passion!
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    I think it depends on the genre. I've got a dog training site and I offer video, audio, pdf, and articles and people prefer video over all else.
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    I perfer both also.
    But a video is good for when your stuck on something in the pdf.
    Audio is out, I get bored sitting and listening.
    I want to read or watch to learn...
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    important point over looked is your prospects and customers. Not everyone is blessed with normal hearing. I for one am nearly deaf. I don't mind videos so much if a transcript comes with it. Another video I hate is staring at a screen with nothing going on except what the author is talking.

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    I am very right brained and I learn best from video. I need to see someone doing it so that I can follow.

    Reading a bunch of text on a computer screen is too nerdy and boring for me.

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