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Hi... I've been starting out this internet marketing business for a little bit over 2 months now and made my first 70 something bucks this week. But sometimes as I make my websites, as I write articles, as I put pictures in my websites, I always have this "fear" that I'm going to do something that "I'm not supposed to do on accident" or maybe something illegal.

Some examples are:
1) Being afraid to accidentally copy someones words and not knowing it...
2) Putting pictures that I buy from stock photo sites on my affiliate websites without the
permission of every photo artist of the photos I buy from...
3) Getting links through unnatural ways...
4) Saying XYZ will solve this problem for them when it might not...
5) Other small tacky things...

I don't know if it's just me, but starting out in the internet marketing business, I find it mentally frustrating... I start to find myself "obsessing" over every little thing (like the things on top) and this fear has sort of slowed me down and obstructed me from moving towards my goal of making money. Any help or advice on how I can overcome this? Thanks.

P.S. I really don't want to get sued in the future or put in prison like that creepy smiling penis Bob guy...
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    Not likely you will be sued for any of the stuff you mentioned.

    If someone complains just take the stuff off your site and say your sorry. Most don't want to sue you they will just want you to stop using there stuff.

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    Strongly AIM to your objective and find a solution for your every 'afraid'. Then you are non sense to feel 'afraid' now.

    Just strongly AIM to your objective!

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    I purchase all my stock images from istockphoto and I can use them royalty free on my website.

    Also, don't be too afraid of writing how you speak, no one can sue you over that!

    Have you always been this uptight in other things that you do besides internet marketing? Just asking because it in fact may not even be internet marketing that's making you feel this way...

    Mike Hill
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    No one is going to sue you. It's not worth it for them. Just keep plugging along with the intent to always do the right thing. If you make a misstep, and you are sincere and act in good faith to rectify the situation, you won't get sued. I believe that the people who get sued are the malicious criminals and people who blatantly flaunt laws, despite warnings.

    I'm no lawyer, but I have been doing this for 10 years. Yikes!
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      As someone who officially has been diagnosed and is taking medicine for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder I can tell you I know exactly how you feel.

      Understand though, that this level of fear is not what people normally go through in this business.

      It's hard to stop the fear but the WORST thing that you can do is give into it for even a second. So just write your copy, create your video, create your product, buy your domains and don't EVER let this fear of yours change what you are doing.

      Bulldoze ahead through it and its power will be lessened over time.

      OH, and BTW. I am in NO way saying you have OCD. Please please don't take what I said as a diagnosis I just brought that up because it is one of the things that I have gone through with my OCD.

      If you find yourself doing more and more of this though, it may be worth checking out a diagnosis. OCD is usually late onset. My symptoms didn't start showing up really bad until I was 19. That's pretty normal.
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        I can relate and I think it's natural to be afraid of
        making mistakes, doing something wrong or causing
        a disaster. Once you've done this for a while, your
        fears should subside
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        I used to think those same things when I first started out online. Not anymore!

        Fear will stunt your success faster than anything. Your doing better than most people online trying to make money. They've been at this thing for years and haven't made a dime!

        I suggest keep your head down and keep taking consistent ACTION like you are, then when you raise your head again you'll arrive at the goals your trying to accomplish online.

        Don't worry about what others will think! It's all about how bad you want it! Long as it doesn't compromise your morals.

        Right now, in my internet marketing career! I don't believe what any marketer tells me! I'll try it once and if it works I'll keep doing it, until the well is dry.

        Just my thoughts!
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