Autoresponder - SPAM everytime?!

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I have created a brand new domain for my from address,

This email is going to spam on Gmail and Outlook, can't work out why, I have tried to many wordings etc and now its as simple as this pic....

Using GetResponse

The domain in the link is also new and unique.

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    Maybe your email is too short to have link and picture.

    Be yourself. Keep Learning.

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    Have you tried sending to other emails than your own?
    Maybe you have tried mail-tester?
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    First off GetResponse sucks...second CONTENT matters. Third time.

    Learn how to start your own Solo Ad Business without an autoresponder or build a list. It's Fast Fun and Profitable.

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    Might have to try different email service, different domain name, different niche, and/or different IP address.
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      Hi Andrewsfm,

      Spam filtering software algorithms looks for phrases that are commonly used within spam messages and scores your message based on the total score for each of those phrases combined. If your total spam score is too high your message ends up in the spam folder.

      Looking at your message I would say the following phrases are all likely contributing to your spam score:
      What do you think (subject)
      what do you think of the vid?
      watch it here
      let me know if you have any questions
      Each of those phrases are likely contributing to your overall spam score, and combined they represent the bulk of all your content for that message.

      Try rewriting those phrases using terms, and phrases, not commonly found in spam messages and you spam score may drop low enough to avoid the spam filters.

      How Spam Filters Work
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        Have you ever tried to send the whole message as a picture (graphic)?
        Then put some personal happenings like from one friend to another concerning something not business related.

        If that doesn't work, then you know your GetResponse is not working well for you. However, I have great open rates with my GetResponse and no one has reported any issues and I receive mine on both gmail and yahoo accounts I test with.
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          Oh, I forgot that I was going to give you a link to test your IP Address and More against Multiple Blacklists (a LOT of them) to help. You can even send them an email from your Autoresponder and they will give you some Metrics to go by to help see what might be causing a Problem.


          I'm not affiliated with this link, nor the Direct Link I posted in the Previous Email.

          Good Luck!

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            if the domain is new, then most of the time, the email lands in spam. try a relatively old domain email address.
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    As someone that is in the middle of switching from Interspire to arpReach, I'm running into almost the same exact issue. It was something I was suspecting as being an issue with Interspire, so now that I have confirmed it, I'm going to look into seeing what has to be done about it. The 1st Attempt went to the SPAM Box. the 2nd Attempt wasn't delivered for 3 Days. Go Figure!

    I use Hit Director (who are Amazing with their Customer Service and Tech Support and they are designed from the Ground Up as a Mailing List Hosting Company. Jeremy, the Founder, was with Third Sphere for a Long Time, from my understanding, and he is Well Regarded among the Internet Marketing Community!

    I have a lower cost plan than many, as I've lost most of our list to Hackers and a Bad Backup Issue (with a Different Host...NOT Hit Director). But, I do have a Dedicated Outgoing IP. I'm about to request both a New Domain (as our company is looking to move a different direction with many things, and now seems like the best time to do we rebuild from losing Everything we had) and a New IP Address that hasn't been used or has been Dormant long enough to have no issues.

    I will caution you, or anyone else who happens to go with a Host like Hit Director (or Similar) that offers a Unique Outgoing IP Address, You MUST "WARM UP" Your IP Address! You cannot jump on there and start Blasting your full list in a verny short Interval, nor can you hit them every day (if that's your routine, as it is some)! If you do, it will Red Flag a LOT of Blacklist Watches and you'll end up in the same shape or worse.

    Anthony (Jeremy's Right Hand) can tell you specifically how to Warm Up an IP Address, correctly. He helped with ours, when we moved over to a Dedicated IP with them. Unfortunately, our previous lists were emailed quite often (as they always had been and were accustomed to), but because we migrated some over after the Hack on a different server (again, NOT With Hit Director - thought I should make that Explicitly Known. LOL), we got penalized for my Brain Fart by not remembering to warm up the new imported leads, though they were and always are Double Opt In. Thus...the current issue with hitting the SPAM Box.

    Anyway, Domain Name and IP Address are my 1st Thoughts, and since you're using Get Response, you're sharing an IP Address with who knows how many others. I hope you get it figured out and up and rolling soon!

    (Oh, if anyone decides they'd like to check out Hit Director, they are at Hit Director Hosting - Boulder, Colorado <-- Direct Link! If someone wants my Affiliate Link, they should PM me for it. Either way, they're a Great Host for Email Marketers!)

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