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I'm plan to running my adsense/affiliate business using blog and email. But, my english is not good enough. So, as alternative I'll outsource everything about content writing.

About other technical part, I think its not a big problem since I have little experience in web-development.

Why I want to run this business, because my currency right now drop-down drastically. This is a chance for me to take this opportunity.

So, whats your opinion ?
Should I outsource everything and just focusing on getting traffic ?
If yes, where can I get the best services for web development and content writing.

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    If you plan on succeeding with AdSense, your content had better equal or surpass that of current, top blogs in your niche. AFAIK, AdSense is one of the hardest business models to profit from, and its success strongly depends on traffic.

    Know what pulls in traffic?

    Quality content.

    And if you want to outsource it, you're going to have to pay a lot for it. So outsourcing doesn't sound like a smart move during a "currency drop."

    In some ways, online business is a bottomless money pit. And to succeed, you're going to have to create what no man has created before, whether its a physical doo-hickey or one hell of an experience.

    I wish you luck nonetheless.
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      You can hire good writers and web developers on Upwork and Fiverr .

      Adsense is a hard nut now so you need very good content and genuine traffic to make serious money.

      Source of traffic also affects adsense earning ,so you must consider that point also

      You can check with your country people are they getting good rates on adsense or not because i think geographical condition also play some role .

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