What Is The Difference Between A Coach And A Mentor?

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I don't think people understand the difference between the two when they are requesting help in finding one or the other here on the forum.

And what method should a person use to identify and find either?
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    The difference between a coach and a mentor to me, is neither. They do exactly the same thing, it is just two different words that describe the same thing. Unless of course I am mistaken and there is something for me to learn here. They both should be able to assist one to where one wants to be, and their assistance would come from their own experience. You should seek out a coach or mentor that you have studied and can trust that they know what they are talking about. I mean, it's a little like making a decision to go on a date with someone. You wouldn't just go off with anybody, there has to be a connection and trust involved. Or here is another example. You wouldn't just leave your children with someone you don't know, you have to get to know them and feel their 'VIBE' out. I would recommend this when seeking a coach or mentor. Check them out for a while and you can tell by the fruits of their success if they are truly the real deal. If red flags go up, even one, you need to do more homework. I would love to hear if there is a difference from anyone between a coach or mentor.

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    I would think that a mentor program would/could be more long term, more informal and provides more availability/access to the mentor. If it takes the mentee longer to achieve the desire out come, the mentor remains available. Where with a coaching program it has a specific start/stop date, everything is predefined and is more formal and the person achieve whatever success in the given time frame.
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      To me a mentor is more personal and hands on than a coach. When you say "he coached me", you're saying that person taught you or directed you on how to do a specific task(s).

      But when you say, "he mentored me", that's more personal and beyond just showing you how to do a specific task, it's more "showing" by example than coaching or telling. Mentors usually can lead more specifically by example than a coach.

      You're looking to the mentor as more of a living, walking example of where you want to be someday. A coach is a teacher, a mentor is an example or role model, something to shoot for.

      If you're a football player your mentor is a more experienced player or former player, if you're a singer your mentor is most likely a more experienced singer or former singer, etc. A mentor can be a coach, but it's harder for a coach to be a mentor unless he's actually played on the field. Many coaches haven't, but they're good teachers.
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