Can you contact Amazon reviewer?

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Hi all -

Does anyone know how to get in touch with people who have left reviews on Amazon? Is there a way to do it through Amazon, or any software that scans profiles for contact info?

I know some authors do this for book reviewers - anyone know of a way?? Thanks
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    If they've reviewed a similar book to your own you can click on their name.

    This will take you to their profile page and you can see if they've reviewed any other books.

    Normally on this page will be a link to a website or some people even put a contact email on here.

    Go to the web address show and look for contact details.

    Email them.

    Another way is to go through the top reviewers and see who has reviewed books in your niche.

    I'd avoid people who have only reviewed one or two books as these tend to have a connection to the author.

    Away from this make sure you are on good reads as this is an Amazon owned site.
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    You can contact the reviewer by going to their profile. Simple click on the the reviewer's name to go to profile.

    When not logged in, You won't be able to see either the email address or the "Send email" link on any profile.

    When logged in, You'll be able to see the "Send email" link... and when that link is clicked on:

    1. using Firefox, nothing happens.

    2. using IE, (a) the "Send email" link converts to the user's email address and stays that way until the page is refreshed or you navigate away and come back, and (b) Thunderbird (default email program) opens up with the user's email in the To line, ready to draft an email.
    I found this useful. Regarding the software to track the reviews I may suggest the AMZ Insight that help tracking the negative reviews so sellers can instantly contact the reviewer and resolve any issues they have. This help them improve their customer service efforts.
    Amazon Product Research & Tracking Software

    AMZ Insight 10-Days Free Trial
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