Do you think there's potential in martial arts video private site?

by kidino
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That is what I am considering now on building now. I have an expert that can partner with me. I am confident that we can create unique and interesting instructional videos. My plan is to create and upload a bunch of videos on the site -- some are free, some a premium. You can watch any free videos. But to watch a premium video, you have to pay $4 per video, or subscribe for $9/mo for full access.

But do you think there's any market for this. Do you think martial artists would be interested in subscribing or pay for the videos?
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    "Unique and interesting"... to who?

    If you can answer that, you can find an audience that is looking for something like that and sell it to them.

    I couldn't tell you if there's a market - that needs to research if people are looking for martial arts videos and if they're willing to pay for it.

    But, you could think about how you can position your site in the market:
    "Easy Martial Arts For Fitness & Weight Loss", for example.

    Or, "5-MinuteMartial Art Fitness For Busy People" (since people are too busy and hate going to the gym or don't have the time).

    Something to think about first, before you create your content

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    It really comes down to how well you market the site and also how much value you're able to provide in your content.

    I recommend you do some market research. Figure out what specific problem or problems you're going to solve and then find out whether or not people are actively spending money to solve those problems. If people are already spending money on solving a problem in your specific niche then I don't see why you wouldn't be able to find people who are willing to spend $9 per month to watch videos that will help them solve specific problems they may be dealing with.
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    The best way would be to find out what the market is looking for, what are their needs when it comes to martial arts and figure out how to satisfy the needs with videos. I think, a survey would be an efficient way to do this.

    If it doesn't cost you a huge investment, you could even start the website on a small scale and see how it works. In my opinion, this idea of yours has the potential of becoming a profitable business.

    Good luck.
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      When i was young i had Karate for about 10 years or so, and i can tell you that at the time what probably everyone was looking for was how to pass on the Belt exams.

      So I think about nowadays there is still the passing of those exams until you reach black belt. If you provide consistent content and i also believe that you should attend some sort of Martial Arts Workshop so you can engage with Laser targeted audience and talk about your site, what you can offer them, etc.
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        What can you offer in the martial arts niche that is not commonly seen on YouTube and other sites in the same category--for free?
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          I was a golf pro. There are many videos about golf. Some are useful others are not and just wrong in what they teach. It really comes down to your ability to teach and film it in a way that is effective and teaches people who have varied experience with it.
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    Thanks guys. Very sound advice. Yes, I think talking to other people at seminars would be good. I sort of thought about building a quick survey site, but I think perhaps if I build a quick simple video site and test it in the water, that would give better insights. And perhaps specific courses would work too.

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    • Profile picture of the author The Niche Man
      The easy answer to your question is of course, yes there's potential in martial arts videos. But the big boy question? ...Is There Potential for You?

      • What specifically do you bring to the table (market) that's not already being done?
      • What credibility can you offer that proves your videos can deliver the above?
      • Can you communicate and demonstrate the added value your videos can bring that the ton of others out there can't or don't?
      You picked an incredibly competitive market. That's not bad in and of itself. But if you can't answer and overcome the above questions you'll just be an "also ran" or "me-too" business getting buried by the competition.
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