First attempt at IM - How's it look?

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I recently finished writing a real estate related ebook on how to sell your home yourself. The website has been live for about two weeks. No sales yet.

The thing is when I wrote this book, I didn't even really know what internet marketing was. I had bought a few ebooks on eBay on real estate subjects a few times and I figured I might be able to make a few bucks by selling one on a subject I knew. Then I got sucked into this big IM thing!

Anyway, I basically need some advice on whether I should stick with the website I created or re-write the copy or scrap the whole thing and start over? Also, should I be bothering with ebooks or should I ship an actual paper product?

I know everybody here has a product to push on me but I'll ask anyway. For the IM newb that I am, what is a quality resource that will give me the basics to getting my product in people's faces and making sales?

My site: 12 DAY SALE - How to Sell Your Home to the Highest Bidder

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    Hi Gary,

    The sales copy has been written very well, you just need to touch it up a bit.

    Put this image right at the download button.

    You may want to get a nice miniwebsite design as well - the current design lacks the branding. You need a header graphic with a strong unique sales preposition so that anyone arriving on your page sees instantly what it's all about.

    And you may actually consider selling this eBook on eBay as well - accepting PayPal payments and shipping hard copies on CDs to the customers. eBay is a great way to access eager buyers and you can actually diversify the price making it a bit smaller for eBay (since many shoppers look for cheaper products there.) - 27$ or so.

    I'm currently working on a program where I'm going to teach how to do this eBay info product selling thing and generate traffic for your web-based products - so you can sign up for more info here Auction DigiBiz|Sell Info Products | Sell PLR Products .


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    Good on you for getting the thing out there and getting started.

    First impressions of the site are, I must admit, not great. That planky, woody background belongs on some cheap home improvement blog - I don't think it's appropriate to your product and you could do way better with just a simple, plain colour.

    I'm no copy expert but you seem to have your headlines confused. I was watching Eben Pagan's Get altitude video the other day and he gives a great example of how to compose a headline:

    Think of the main issue and fear of your most likeliest prospect and offer them a solution - simple. E.g.

    If you're house isn't selling and
    you're frustrated with your realtor
    then this could be the most
    important message you'll ever read

    Then go on to bullet point your main benefits

    Now obviously my headline isn't great but it immediately talks to your prospects, something yours doesn't.

    The rest of the page needs work too. Check out the copywriting section of this forum for more (and probably better) tips.

    Personally, I'd also employ a squeeze page first before selling them your product. Offer them something of real value, for free, in exchange for their name and email address, and follow it up with a series of autoresponder emails. This forum is awash with free info, without people wanting to sell you stuff. Just as an example, take a look at a post from Steven Wagenheim today:

    - Peter

    PS Oh yeah, one more thing. You don't tell us how you promote your site either
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