How much is this website worth? Help much appreciated

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I have built this e commerce website to use for drop shipping gifts and I am thinking if selling it to concentrate on my other businesses. It has a blog with articles ready to be published loaded into it and I would get in in good prder for the new owner if anyone would like to have a look and advise me on how much I should sell it for I would be most grateful thank you. The website is
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    It's an attractive website and I see it's mobile friendly, which is a big plus.

    That said, it's only worth as much as someone is prepared to pay for it, so you would probably get a better price setting it up as an auction on Flippa, rather than looking for a set price.

    Assuming you've never used Flippa before, they provide a lot of information aimed at getting the best price for a website: Free Guides from Flippa
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    Don't get me wrong, but the website is very amateur to say the least... You will able to sell it if you can show proof of consistent traffic and sales. If you cannot show it, then I believe you would not be able to sell it.
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    I interviewed a genuine online business valuator awhile back (no opt-in, no affiliate links).

    This takes accounting training and some IM expertise. A run-of-the-mill accountant is not the best person to value an IM business.

    Typically accountants will use the "times earnings" or earnings multiplier approach.

    So how much is this site earning a year? Multiply that by 3 or 4, and that's probably the absolute maximum valuation an online business is going to get. More like 1X, really.

    In your you have a buyers list? How long has your site been around and generating revenue? What direction is that revenue headed, up or down over the past years/months? Have you figured out any seasonality in your income?

    See, it comes down to What Assets Does This Business Have?

    If there's no list, no consistent traffic, no predictable revenue...then it's got nuthin'.

    So clarify what it has to offer a buyer.

    I am not an accountant, though I have 3 years of accounting training, and this is not professional advice.
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      Do you have consistent traffic and daily income? If not, you'll most likely be disappointed in the attention and price your site gets.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    If you haven't marketed this and it has no traffic and no sales, it can be sold as a start-up. I wouldn't expect much. The value of an ecommerce store and even Adsense sites and other profit generating sites is the income and assets they have. On Flippa, you'll see Adsense sites with some income tend to go pretty fast. Start-ups with no income ... not so much.
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    Throw it on to Flippa and you will soon get a value on it, but unless you can prove traffic and sales, I think you might be disappointed..
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    Impossible to say without some hard data .. traffic, revenue, etc.
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    Flippa is the right place to see really how much people are willing to pay for your site, of course you will need to provide some solid data and proof (daily traffic, sales, optins, etc etc)

    Good Luck with the sale!

    Duncan MacGibbon
    Ultimate PopUp Software!

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    Agree with what has already been stated. The value of an established online business is based on annual net profit (or seller discretionary earnings to be precise). The average multiple is currently between 2-3x.

    If the website is making less than $500 per month, Flippa is a good way to go. Anything more than this amount and it would be worth talking to a broker who can give you a more accurate valuation and also help you maximize its value ahead of a sale.
    I specialize in selling websites over $10,000 in value. No obligation, confidential valuation here.
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    The main value will be in your list and the quality of that more than the traffic. What your list returns would be what I bought personally, as the website can be improved and optimised. I'm always interested in the quality of your audience and if they are willing to pay for what you offer or can get the same comparable thing free elsewhere.

    Mobile friendly is good and a domain thats 2 years old or more will help. And yes as someone else mentioned watch Flippa for comparable sites with revenue, age etc list etc to get an idea.

    Adwords and conversion optimisation consultant and Author of Convert!: How To Turn Interest Into Sales on Amazon

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