Where to find biz opportunity seekers?

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Hi all,

It's tough for internet marketers to find business opportunity seekers these days. Forums are crowded with (mostly useless) offers, FB is getting spammed all over the place and so on. So, how can one find those, who are looking for biz opp, instead of reaching only other IMs?

Ok, here goes:

- Prospectera (dotcom) - targeted niche lead generation service (works great so far)
- Promobrite (dotcom) - fresh lead lists (10% bounces from BizOpp Seekers list, but otherwise it's good)
- Fiverr - $5 lists (worthless)

These are my 2 cents on this topic, feel free to add your own.

Take care!
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    Nice promos but those sites really do not instill confidence.
    I haven't heard any reviews for prospect.. yet. Has anyone used them other than this OP author?
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    I agree - Fiverr - $5 lists (worthless), however, I have found some success with Fiverr targeted traffic. Actually, gets as many opt ins as my solo ads and for the price I'm happy. I am going to try Promobrite next week. I hope it's good.
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    Originally Posted by bostjan33 View Post

    It's tough for internet marketers to find business opportunity seekers these days.

    Really? That's not been my experience at all. They are everywhere!

    Try doing some market research and it won't be a mystery at all.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Some of making money online ways have big proportion of newbies who seek BIZ OPPS. They will prefer free ways
    Think in traffic exchanges and paid to click for a little time. You can get some newbies from there who are interested in making money online freely.
    Get them in a list and try to give them a real good opportunity.
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      I agree with OP ,it is hard to find biz opportunity seekers these days and i think main reasons are

      many scams in past

      most of newbies are freebie seekers ,they don't want to invest much in this business.

      But like Steve said you have search them in right place,so do a lot of research

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        According to polls I've studied over the years, most people (87%) are unhappy with their work. Roughly 40% of those are receptive to some kind of home business opportunity. If you can develop an affinity for workers within virtually any given industry or association you should have little problem finding receptive opportunity seekers.
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    I 100% disagree with everyone in this thread who said it is difficult to find biz opp seekers "these days."

    I can pretty much say with 100% confidence that you're problem isn't the lack of buyers out there, it's the lack of value you offer to the marketplace.

    The industry is shifting. People are smarter than they were years ago. They aren't just going to click some ad that takes them to a company sales page and buy.

    I get 2-3 buyers EVERY SINGLE WEEK from just 50 or so leads because I focus on helping them first -- giving them a ton of value -- and then positioning myself as the coach who can help them get the results they want (not my products, not my company, not my compensation plan).

    You're asking the wrong question OP.

    "How can I help people/give them value" > "where can I find biz op seekers."

    People are ALWAYS open to the idea of making additional income and right now, with the abundance of platforms like Instagram, blogs, Facebook and all social media --> there has never been a better opportunity ---> people WANT to learn how to market a business online.

    They just want help from REAL, GENUINE people who actually give a f*ck.
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      100% agree with you Tim Alwell
      Get in the habit of giving value and helping people seeking for BZ opportunity instead of thinking in selling . Highly successful marketers understand that their company relies on giving their heart ,serving first. That is why it is so important to understand what the people truly values. People may not want to be aggressively sold ,but they do want your help.you just have to deliver it in the right way.
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    Participate and advertise on "home business" websites, forums, and blogs.
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