How much is this site worth? Would it be worth buying?

by Jason Zalesky 6 replies
Just curious what people thought about this site I found that is for sale. It looks nice and is in the online dating niche and I wanted your opinion. Its at Rockstaronlinedating dot com.

Would you consider this a good quality site with a future or just another load of crap?

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    Is there any current revenue?
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      Originally Posted by MediaJobs View Post

      Is there any current revenue?
      No there is not much revanue at this time. The person created it for someone in the past and it never was sold. He has had it online for awhile now he says so it get some traffic but its a new site. Just curious what people would pay for something like this?
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        If it's not producing revenue the only measure of its value for me
        would be how much I'd be willing to pay to have the site created
        from scratch in the first place.

        If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    That depends, why do you want to buy it? How much is the guy asking for it, or is it an auction?

    If you just want it so it makes revenue from ads, you could easily create one on your own. In fact it looks like it was created in one day, all the posts are from the 22nd of August and the domain was also registered on the 22nd.

    In my personal and honest opinion, I don't think it's worth flipping so I won't even go there...
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    It was on a auction site and it was going for something like 200 for the buy it now price. I was just curious what it would be worth. I dont understand I guess one what people are finding in some of these sites that they are pay a ton for that has no revenue.

    Whats with the value of directories? They go like hotcakes it seems.

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      If a website has no revenue and no traffic then it has very little value by itself.

      On the other hand if you already had the traffic and were looking for a way to expand your group of websites you might find the site of some value.

      So many people get ripped off buying these kinds of websites.

      You can buy websites that have revenue and traffic but the junk cookie cutter sites that are more or less value less are far more common.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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