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Hi Warriors,
I am building a coupon deals site for mainly local businesses in my community, but will still have chains and big box deals as well. I have narrowed the domains down to 3. I am not able to get the so my choices are:
mytowndeal$$.com (2 s's which I will use $$ for logo purposes) or

Pondered over this for days now and can't decide. Please let me know your thoughts.

Anna :0)
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  • I like mytowndeal$$.com personally :-)
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      My vote goes to ,use very catchy tagline

      Good luck for your venture

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    I think would be easier for people to remember.
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    Originally Posted by nnyorker View Post

    mytowndeal$$.com (2 s's which I will use $$ for logo purposes)

    If I were you, I would rethink the domain

    Having a logo very close but different from you domain will be confusing.

    And "confusing" is not good in IM. You want things to be as simple and non-confusing (straightforward) as possible.


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    I'm with Steve here; avoid confusion at all costs.

    I often work in the NYC market, OP, as well as offline-online business models.

    If you can, try to avoid misspellings (like and anything unnecessary or perhaps even too clever (like, where you run the risk of people typing in the wrong name, etc., and instead stick to something catchy that makes sense but still packs a local "attention grabbing" punch, as well as all other domain name conventions.

    I always try to get a precisely local name at the start (city, borough, etc.) and complete the domain name with - if I can - just one powerful word that immediately lets people know what I'm doing.

    I can see the problem if you're in NY, though.

    Perhaps consider:

    - Boroughs
    - Precise Locations
    - Words other than "deals"

    Cheers - Tom

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