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Hey Guys,

I just had my thread deleted, I think because I named the incompetent host so I am re-posting without naming them.

Somehow a hacker got my ftp details and uploaded a trojan virus to all my index pages (I checked in ftp logs). I have changed my ftp account details and control panel password.

But here is the weird thing... I can't delete the files that have the trojan virus in! I get a "access denied error". I am using the same ftp account that the hacker used to upload the virus, they must have done a trick to stop me deleting it.

The host doesn't want to know about it and won't help me so I am on my own. It's a shared package so I dont have access to the server so I can't even go in as admin to delete.

Has anyone had this problem before? How did you fix it?

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    As a fix I am setting up all domains on my dedicated server and forwarding the dns. Long ass walk around but atleast I will be able to get it resolved and I can cancel the shared hosting package.
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    a few of my sites got hacked to somtime ago. You can read more about this attack at:
    Nine Ball attack strikes 40,000 Web sites - Network World

    As far as I know you can not delete the infected files because the owner ID changed. Usually you just need to setup a main FTP account in your webhost control panel (or use the login info you use to access cPanel when you login via FTP) and then you will be able to delete the files.


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