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So Im Thinking About Moving My Blogger Blog To A Wordpress Blog. Can Anyone Give Me There Honest Opinion On Which Is Better And Why? Thanks My Blog Is In My Signature Thanks
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    There are endless, it seems, threads on this exact topic. Try doing a search on your thread title.

    I will tell you that most Warriors will say WP gives them better control of their blog since it's hosted on their own hosting plan.


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    I've tried both of them. Blogger shut down my blog several times and then put I back after I contacted them and made it little noisy to me.
    WordPress is doing great with me with many tools, themes, plugins, widgets and never have a problem with my site since using it.
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      I have to thanks fellow Wr member suggestion last time.

      I choose Wordpress.

      I find it more better to use.
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    Wordpress will always be better because of it flexibility and the ability to use plugins to automate some tasks on your blog.
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    Originally Posted by ZuReviews View Post

    So Im Thinking About Moving My Blogger Blog To A Wordpress Blog. Can Anyone Give Me There Honest Opinion On Which Is Better And Why? Thanks My Blog Is In My Signature Thanks
    The google blogger is the easiest way to use, on the other hand the wordpress is the more customizable. so you can choose yourself which one is more suitable to you.
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      Topic is as old as mankind...
      WP!! End of story

      - Robert Andrew

      Elvis has left the building

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    Wordpress. You have the complete freedom to change and modify anything you want and you are independent.
    Internet Marketer and professional Webdesigner! Ask me anything you wan´t about Internet Marketing or Webdesigning!

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    Wordpress has the upper hand for a variety of reason, the main one being, it gives you more options fo changing your site later.
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    Use Wordpress. All someone has to do is "flag" or make a complaint against your blog to Blogger (Google), and all your posts and hard work will more than likely be gone within a week.

    Control your own real estate, and install Wordpress on your web hosting server (if they don't already have it) so that YOU can call the shots.
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    It's depends on your blog purpose. Most of the people are using WordPress as a blogsite. But blogger is also better opportunity. blogger developed by google and it's speed is too high from any website. But it's facilities is limited but WordPress has limitless server. Plugins of WordPress is awesome. So for better getting better option you may use wordpress.
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    Blogger is a waste of time. You don't own it and you never will. If Google decides one day that they want shut down their blogger platform -- boom you lose EVERYTHING.

    Self-hosted WordPress blog is your own personal online real estate. You own it and no one can take it away from you.

    Plus, blogger blogs offer less customization. You don''t want to fit in with the crowd. You want to be the purple cow who stands out.

    WordPress gives you that chance to brand YOU.
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    The biggest reason for owning a self hosted blog (WordPress Site) over third party blog hosting is that it’s owned by you. Hosting on a third party service means you don’t have full control and could be shut down at any time (i.e – They own your blog on their site under a sub-domain name). In addition third party hosted blogs have limits on what you can do.

    A self hosted blog is the smart choice, although it does require more technical know-how it is by far the best option. There are thousands of free and premium themes available and countless plugins to help customize the site.

    Finally WordPress is an Open Source software run by a community of developers rather than one individual and is constantly being improved. All in all a WordPress blog looks more professional, is more customizable and is owned by you.

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    If you decide not to switch to a self hosted Wordpress site. Just get your own domain name. It only costs $12 a year and can be setup to work with blogger. Also keep backups of your blog.

    That way if blogger cuts you off. You can transfer to a Wordpress site without losing your search engine rankings.
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      Unless I've missed something, I don't see where anyone has asked the OP if he's referring to a self hosted Wordpress.ORG site, or a Wordpress.COM site, which is just the same as Blogger.
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        I like to be in control of things, so mine are self hosted WP blogs, and I definitely recommend it
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    Definitely, WP.
    It has a huge number of people using it, making tutorials and working on the platform with plugins and themes.

    You can start with free stuff (plugins, themes) and move on to the paid ones later.
    Plenty tutorials, blogs and videos on Internet.

    Most of themes,if not all of them are mobile responsive. A must nowadays.
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    Well, blogger owned by google you don't have 100% control as they can shut you down anytime they want, limited number of flexibility,templates and plugins to use, the plus side of it is you can host your domains for free.

    Wordpress if you use the self hosting version, you have an abundant choices of unlimited plugins, templates to choose, the downsite is the hosting fees you have to pay.

    In conclusion, if i were you, i would choose worpdress for its abudance, flexibility and the control
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    I prefer wordpress, if you need more customizing options.
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      In my Opinion both of blogger and wordpress equally nice and personally I am using both but I think wordpress has more customization option.
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    without any doubt Wordpress

    Why ??
    simmly because in wordpreess you can customize , edit your website without any limitation
    secondly because wordpress has helpful plugins help you and allow you to win the time and the money
    finally because it used by the most famous world in the world
    Blogger limited , you can't edit , your blog may closed by google in any time !!
    So I advise you to use wordpress and not blogger
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    Blogger vs Wordpress LOL

    wordpress is best
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    Wordpress for sure. I assume you're talking about the self-hosted version of WP, not Wordpress.com. Nearly all my sites have been converted to Wordpress over the last couple of years and there have been no regrets.

    Not sure what the comment about big bucks and slow site means. It seems to be some misunderstanding on your part about how WP works.
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    1) Ownership; Blogger is a blogging service provided by the tech giant Google .. it is not owned by you .. Google has the right to shut it down (but unlikely to happen). However, with WordPress u use hosting provider to host your own site. You are free to decide how long you want to run it and when you want to shut it down
    2) Blogger has a kind of limited control and limited tools. WordPress is an open source software with thousands of WordPress plugins. You can also add new features

    3) Appearance; Limited with Blogger .. more options with WordPress (thousands of free + premium themes)

    4) Portability; Moving sites with Blogger is a complicated task with significant risks of loosing SEO. WordPress, you can move your site anywhere you want

    5) Security; You don’t need to worry about with Blogger .. google is doing it for you ... With WordPress you are responsible for security and backups

    6) Support; limited with Blogger. With WordPress you have the active community support system .. though not that helpful sometimes

    In my personal opinion WP is better but it really need more work .. If it is only for fun I would go with Blogger .. If it something professional then go with WP ..
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    This question must of been asked a million times and the answer is always the same. WordPress for 101 reasons that I cant be bothered to answer hungover

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