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What are some sites that I can find high ticket offers?
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    I know MOBE, but it cost a lot to get higher commissions.
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      Originally Posted by TobiasThomsen View Post

      I know MOBE, but it cost a lot to get higher commissions.
      Total scam. Avoid at all costs.
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    Go to Facebook. Find Russ Ruffino's The Art of High Ticket Selling and Oliver Talamayan's Ultimate Achievers Mastermind.

    These are the two best groups on high ticket sales I've found.

    You'll see many people in those groups with high ticket offers.
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    Hey, its great that you are looking at joining a high ticket program this is definitely a wise decision .

    Now, I usually encourage all my "students" that before they begin promoting any affiliate program, they have to do their research well and if they want to end up making 6 or 7 figures in commissions online, they have to promote high ticket programs.


    If you are promoting a usual traditional affiliate program that pay $20 per sale then for you to make $5000 you obviously need 250 sales. Right?

    Now, If you are promoting a top tier affiliate program that pays $1000 per sale, for you to make $5000 you only need 5 sales! Easy.

    Look here, If you can convince 250 people to buy your product then you can surely convince 50 of them to buy your top tier product.


    You don’t have to create your own product

    You need less sale to earn $8,333 per month, the goal you need to reach a six figure income

    You can scale up faster than in other programs

    No customer support needed

    Focus on just driving traffic and collecting the money

    Easier to make top tier ticket sales


    Step 1 – Position Yourself As An Authority

    This is how you position yourself as an Authority. You can literally just find leaders you resonate with and are willing to buy from, that are getting the results you want and providing a lot of value for their people and reverse engineer them.

    There is a reason why they create the content they do, there is a reason they create the videos they do. Go out there and learn what they are teaching. Then you apply what you have learned in your own business. Then you put your own spin on it and teach it to others. This is how everyone becomes an authority in a niche.

    You learn ► You do ► You teach Simple!

    Step 2 – Add Massive Value To People’s Lives

    You want to add value by providing a solution to people’s problems. Most internet marketers just pitch right out of the gate and send people directly to a sales page and expect to get good results. If you market this way, you are going to lose a lot of money in the long run. If you provide people with value, helping people, creating content and having conversations with people about things that are actually going to help them, you will get results much further.

    You need to provide solutions to their problems. There are new people coming into this industry every single day. You present a solution by saying this is the program I use and this will help you achieve the lifestyle you want. Because you helped them you will be the person they buy from. They are not going to buy from the person just trying to pitch them a new product or business opportunity every day.

    Step 3 – Leave all selfish desires at the door

    Don’t just think about making a sale. Focus on helping other, as the late great Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” People can see right through you if you are not genuine, as soon as they do they will run for the hills.

    If you look at my blog, most of my articles are not pitches. It is content to help YOU build your business so you can have the lifestyle and freedom that you want. When you help people build their business, they will feel like they owe you and buy from you and will come back and buy from you.

    Step 4 – Stand Out From The Crowd!

    Did you know that 80% of online marketers do the same thing? They promote their newest product or latest business opportunity without becoming an authority and providing value first. If you stand out from this people YOU will be the one getting all the sales.

    You want to always over deliver. Your customer should feel like they got the best deal or they stole it from you. Part of this goes into adding massive value, but when you touch people’s lives in a good way. They will lock arms with you and follow you wherever you go. So if you move companies or something they will come with you.

    Don’t believe me? Look at traditional MLM companies that go under for whatever reason. The top leaders in those organizations just move to another MLM and so does most of their original team. I have friends that this has happened too.

    You want to position your business to over deliver so much that when people buy from you they feel they got more value from you then they did on the product itself.



    It takes you through 21 steps that show the exact process build a full-scale business. It basically shows you how to automate everything, so you can focus on just driving traffic.


    You can make $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions

    You work 1 on 1 with a coach that is making a 6 or 7 figure income

    You don’t have to do any selling. A professional phone does it for you

    You only have to focus on traffic generation

    Ability to scale fast

    Provides a high converting sales funnel

    Makes 90% of the work for you
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      Bookmarked this thread,thanks for sharing these useful resources .If i am not getting it wrong High ticket offers means those paying good commission ,so will it include software,hosting and other offers too or just IM related stuff

      Need high Quality Expired domains click here to see now

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      Originally Posted by Vince Mosweta View Post



      It takes you through 21 steps that show the exact process build a full-scale business. It basically shows you how to automate everything, so you can focus on just driving traffic.


      You can make $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions
      Ah yes, a wonderful program where you sell someone a whole bunch of nothing for a minimal investment of $2k. And the great thing about it? For this measly little $2k investment, they then get the rights to go out and sell the same nothing!
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    Check out AAWP's pro-wedding-planning course, which pays over $400 per course sold. The program has just launched and the cookies last one year.

    Deb McCoy
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    Try clickbank.com or even better Jvzoo.com. There's tons online!
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    There was a link in the affiliate section here for a travel & escort service called DRNights - where you earn 10% on all bookings, top level package was 'The High Roller' and sells for $100k ($10,000 commission).

    Aside the moral issue of selling this, I understand the 'commission' doesn't get paid until the purchaser arrives, as from that point they cannot refund... You could wait months for your commissions.

    I backed out of trying to promote it personally, although from a male perspective it seemed like something that would be popular among young and/or wealthy males who want to live the 'jetset' lifestyle.

    My wife wasn't too keen on me marketing it either, lol!
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    I signed up for that DRNights affiliate program a few years ago and it was a difficult sell. There are a few threads on this forum with some wonderful high ticket affiliate programs. Just put high ticket programs in the search box and you will find them.
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    Try vacation packages, or travel sites who have affiliate programs. Or.... go to Clickbank, JVzoo, or Paydotcom.
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    Gotta have those high ticket commissions and residual in your funnel to really kill it online.

    When you have a systematic way to convert low ticket buyers into residual and high ticket commissions it makes it a LOT easier to reach the $5k or $10k per month mark.

    It's when you try to promote a $49 clickbank product for 50% commissions at a 2% conversion that most people struggle to make money online, so good move looking for high ticket offers.

    There are tons of done for you funnels out there that are tested and proven to convert your traffic into customers, you just gotta take some time to find the one that you feel good promoting..

    Plus, if you want to take advantage of those high ticket commissions you know you need then be prepared to make a decent investment in yourself and your business, somewhere in the range of $1k-$5k..

    This may help - http://www.highpayingaffiliateprograms.com/

    Hope that helps,
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    Hi All...

    I'm new to all this, but I have been studying about high-paying affiliate programs. We have one, but I don't know the best way to get it noticed. Any help would be appreciated. I've posted to 5 Star Affiliate Programs since they have a free listing. I've also posted to FaceBook and Tweeted about it--and sent emails to our membership.

    Are there any other avenues I can take? I know that most who are here are experts.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


    Deborah McCoy
    American Academy of Wedding Professionals
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