Need Opinions - Upgrading PayPal Account.

by Aljiro
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Hey there Ladies and Gentlemen!

I need opinions about upgrading a paypal account. I currently have a verified personal account with them. Im a professional graphics designer and I usually get paid from other paypal accounts. Well now I am into Internet Marketing will I need to upgrade my account? I have my very first product in the works and nearing completion. Im now exploring ways to get paid but found I need a Premier account to accept credit card payments...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Premier Account?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Go for Premier if you want to:

    Send payments to anyone with an email address.
    Request payments from anyone with an email address.
    Accept PayPal directly from your auction listings.
    Automatically invoice your buyers.
    Automatically remind bidders about your auctions.
    Create PayPal buttons and accept instant payments from your website.
    Send and receive payments with members in 190 countries and regions.
    Download your account history into a spreadsheet or Quicken.
    Email-based customer service.
    Accept unlimited credit card payments.
    Implement subscription payments for your content or services.
    Make payments to hundreds of people at once.
    Give your employees limited access to your PayPal account.
    7 day-a-week customer service call center.

    Hope this helps.
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    Premier account is the minimum you need to do business with everyone, eg customers don't need a Paypal account to pay you. With the personnal account there is a limit to money you can recieve before Paypal want you to upgrade to a Premier, it used to be about £700 when I still had a personnal account.

    If you're going to be taking a lot of payments from lots of people you will need a premier account. You don't want to reach your limit and not be able to except any more payments until your Premier account is finalised.

    Cheers, Harry

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    Nice suggestions everyone. I might go for it. I will evaluate my current situation first.

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      I am glad to see that you want to upgrade from paypal. Might I recommend some company like alertpay since they are far better at verifying your business status than paypal is and they dont go trying to put companies out of business.

      I know of 3 businesses right here in Cincinnati that Paypal tried to put out of business with their shady business practices. 2 actually did have to close their doors and the third got his own merchant account and started doing business that way. Paypal still is sending collection agencies after him for money they say he owes them. This isn't even counting my own horror story about paypal fraudulent activities. In my case I had to actually get the Federal Banking Administration involved to keep them from just helping themselves to my money in my bank account.

      You are a smart person for wanting to upgrade from such a crappy service as paypal and I wish you lots of luck on your endeavors. If you stay with them then let this be a warning to you, set up a bank account that only has the bare minimum in it for the paypal account, keep your paypal account empty at all times and transfer funds from the bank account into your usable account daily or you may find yourself sitting at the wrong end of a "questionable transactions" lockout by paypal where you cannot get to your money until every customer you have has demanded and gotten a full refund, then they offer that as proof that they were right and you were dealing in questionable transactions.
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          Originally Posted by alexa_s View Post

          In that case, you misunderstood the original post. What's being discussed here is upgrading a PayPal account. Not "upgrading" from a PayPal account.
          Trust me alexa, I did not misunderstand. I feel it necessary, however, to warn people of what Paypal has been doing of late so they can take the precautions necessary or they will be burned.

          Besides, I was also making something of a joke about it. No need to be too cruel to the poor guy right away.
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