What video graphics program is this person using?

by jclee4 4 replies
Anyone familiar with this type of animation or know what software this is? Its really awesome to me.

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    There are a lot of programs that can do videos like this depending on the skills of the one who made it.

    I suggest you comment on that video or even contact that person who post it and ask for it. So that you can specifically ask what really is it.

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      Looks like it's been composed in After Effects.
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    Probably made with Adobe After Effects, because of the "bounces" after each graphic appears. However, this could also be made in PowerPoint. Also, the animated graphics could be made using Adobe Flash, then brought into any number of video programs.
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    Selling a YouTube video just type in (Best Animation software & plugins for WordPress) to all major search engines for that phrase it Ranks 1#. I am sure you can see the potential. Over time this phrase will start ranking for other short terms.
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