How To Find Lottery Players

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I am looking for some ideas on how to go about compiling a list of lottery players across the United States without going to a lead vendor or list broker. I have a very successful youtube channel with a few thousand subscribers that brings me in daily leads but I am looking for some ideas on how to branch out. I have an affiliate offer that shows the lottery player a better "lottery" to play. Once I get a lottery player in my funnel I can usually convert them with an offer they cannot refuse. Since it converts well I just want more lottery players to speak with. Any suggestions out there. Thanks and have a great day!
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    I've done pretty well with lotto site advertising. There used to be a great site called Cashbreak where you could buy visitors who are all interested in playing the lottery. However I found another similar kind of place where you buy very cheap ads (great for list building).

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    Good luck
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    There are a lot of sites for freelancer on the net. You can go to elance or odesk and make an account for free where you can post who you are looking for.

    You can also go to lottery sites and search there for the best players and view there profile I am very sure their email or numbers are written there.

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