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So I've been working with a young man in Africa for about 6 months. He graduated from high school. He is now enrolled in technical school. He also just recently received his Payoneer card, and completed his Upwork profile. It took a long while to get him this far, and now I hope to find some data entry or research or really anything. I'll be helping him build his profile while he finishes technical school. What would be something that is easy to teach him and at least break even in terms of profit? Any ideas?
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    Teach him how to research a niche. Newbies are always asking how to find something that they can start online.


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    Teach him how to sell on Ebay and Fiverr. Money is money right?
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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      Teach him how to sell on Ebay and Fiverr. Money is money right?

      I agree with Randall that he is probably surrounded by arts and crafts people who may be selling souvenirs but are not familiar with places like eBay, Etsy and other eCommerce stores that people are quietly making a killing online.

      Once he finds a good source of crafts, clothing, accessories etc I think he could do very well selling on consignment basis or wholesale.
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    Take a minute and go through Work from home jobs: Get paid online and find work at home - You will find loads of micro jobs than can be completed by someone in his circumstances. should also be a viable source too! Their easy-to-use data entry system lets you earn money from the convenience and comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Good luck!
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    The best skill you can teach another person is selling.
    If you know how to close a sale (either online or offline) will get you far.
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    Hello sir

    You can teach him how to be a researcher, it does not take too much time to learn and I am sure he has been doing that even at school.

    Then later on teach him higher skills, the researcher task is for him to get familiar with how the internet works so it will be easier for him to do some complex task.

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    He is a pretty good salesman already. He has managed to grow his facebook so that friends from all over the world now send him replies when he posts. I think some of them will be willing to give him some jobs on upwork (even slightly charitable in nature to get him started) if I can just get a couple of things for him to do. One thing he wants to do is shoot videos of his city in Africa (Banjul, Gambia). If I could find a way to monetize that, it would be great. Was thinking maybe he could show products for sale at their market on the videos. Still thinking and thanks for the ideas!
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    If he wants to take pictures of his city etc and get paid for it then you can look at my signature link, there are also higher paying surveys he can do.

    I'm from South africa, so the economic situation is In our favor when it comes to earning online.

    That said, he should focus on something that pays while he learns. Long term strategy is the only way to go
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    Teach him the proper techniques for SEO and traffic right out of the the poor fellow years of frustration.
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    If he wants to shoot video, and he has a camera capable of shooting HD video, he can make accounts on all of the stock video sites (,,, etc.) and make money anytime someone downloads one of his videos. He can do the same with photos. Video footage and photos of ethnic subjects (especially faces of people) are in demand right now.
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