What would you do with 1 year free time and 10k USD?

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This is my first post on warrior forum. I am not new to internet marketing/business but never registered here on the forum.

I currently have a fulltime job, working 6 days a week and paying my mortage. Pay is not too bad and previously it all seemed to work out.. But my mind has changed and i am looking for more of a 'free' life without materialsime and bills to pay.

Have done lots of research and couple of projects on the internet the past years, nothing worked out, never pushed trough and always had the time constraints..

Traveled trough Thailand this year for 6 weeks, reading 'the power of now'. This opened my eyes and i no longer want to work for materialsme, big house and a boss. So the online business itch is coming up again.

This time i want to do it righ. Currently in the process of selling the house, and saving up. By 6 to 8 month's i should have 20.000 / 25.000 USD.

I am planning to leave the netherlands and live for a year in Thailand Chang mai to free up my time to do online business, i reserve 10.000 USD for my living cost there, this leaves me about 10.000 USD to invest / build projects.

The plan is to connect with the local digtial nomadic community in chang mai and do some simple freelance work so i can hopefully pay for my living costs so that i have more to invest. The goal is to make a stable income of 1000,- USD after 1 year.

I have general skills with adobe suite, wordpress, marketing, copywriting (not native english) and seo. I am no expert in nothing and have not made a dime online (invested a lot tough :/)

What path would you follow with this setup?
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  • I can recommend a really good mentor if you wanna get into affiliate marketing...
    Enlighten Marketing
    Lighting the way for your marketing objectives
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      Originally Posted by EnlightenMarketing View Post

      I can recommend a really good mentor if you wanna get into affiliate marketing...

      I agree if you have GOOD mentor you can reduced the learning curve and see the results.

      Although it is possible to get steady income without mentor.
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    Yes i am willing to partner up or to seek a mentor, who are you referring to?
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      Originally Posted by krimpenrik View Post

      Yes i am willing to partner up or to seek a mentor, who are you referring to?
      Be very careful who you trust!!

      Every scammer who sees this will claim they can sell you the "secret."
      Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
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    The path you follow, krimpenrik, will be a unique one.

    It depends on the following:

    1. Your Passions.
    2. Your Experience.
    3. Your Expertise.
    4. Your Knowledge.

    What I like to call PEEK.

    This is what I'd suggest:

    1. Hold onto your money for now.
    2. Widely read the Main forum and all others that relate to your PEEK.
    3. Based on PEEK, and start-up capital, isolate relevant business models.
    4. Read with more purpose now, investigating more deeply those models.
    5. Isolate just one model.
    6. Learn all you can, from the information on WF and elsewhere.
    7. If you feel more information is required, ask us for help (it's free).
    8. If yet more knowledge is required, or you feel in need of guidance, at that point consider a coach, but it should be a last consideration.
    9. Plan, plan, plan.
    10. Take action, and never fear failure. We learn by our mistakes.

    You're in a very good position for an IM newcomer. You have start-up capital, smarts, experience, and skills in some very relevant disciplines. This puts you in a different league to a great many new entrants. The only real danger here is this: taking the wrong approach. Consider the above 10 steps, though. They'll steer you well.

    Cheers! - Tom

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    Try to do some Freelance work on Upwork using your skills and settle yourself to have a stable projects/jobs. Then travel or moving without financial problem.
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    I'm kind of in the same position as you and I quit my job (or I they made me redundant due to economical reasons) so now I have 1 year to get my own business started. I am almost 4 months into affiliate marketing and I'm learning more every day to improve that business of mine.
    I think if all else fails I will move to Thailand for another I don't know how long to be able to keep the affiliate business running properly and make a decent income.
    If you want I can give you a nice link that taught me step by step how to get started.
    Definitely choose something you have a passion for and really like or are really good at!
    I agree with the other comments especially about the being careful who you trust!
    Good luck with your adventure.
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    As a newbie with that money I'd hire Yanik Silver and let him show me the way.
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      Hey krimpenrik,
      If I was 20 years younger and single I would look into doing the same thing

      Seriously though, I would take advantage of. your free time and really put your nose to the grindstone and learn about IM as much as possible.

      There is some valuable resources in here and some reliable Warriors to listen to.

      Do not hesitate to ask questions and use the Search button as well

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    If I were you I would choose a proven business model and become a beast at it. More specifically I would design a sales funnel and put a lot of time into creating the ultimate solution to a problem within a profitable niche market. Then, I would send targeted traffic through my funnel and focus on traffic and conversions until I reach my targeted goal.
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    Thank you all for your insights. I have had alot of failures/quiting projects. Spend the last 2 years building a 'product' so i didn't have to worrie about competitors. defbat | Keep the peace (website not near completion) Quit this project though caus it can't make me location independant easely. Currently the model would require me to assemble the parts myself. Have 30 prototypes on the shelve :/.

    I don't have any family living in Thailand. Changmai has a good digital community of westerns, my current situation doesn't have any like minded people around me.

    Also spending time on flippa the last few weeks to see if there are any projects for sale that can kickstart my income.

    Again, i don't wont to be a rich IM, i just want to make a modest 1000/1500 USD per month. Not passive income, i am willing to spend 8-12 hours day.

    The joke is that i already know what to do.. Hop on the plane, do the hard work en live cheap. Was just curious how you guys would go about .
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