Which Blog looks more appealing?

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I have the same theme on 2 different blogs......but one I edited a bit. Which one looks better and why?



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    I like the dark background, as it puts the focus stright on your pages. However the green links are hard to read on the dark grey column. My opinion;-)
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    I second what xwishmasterx said. The dark background looks more appealing.

    I also like it better when I can decide if I want to read further or not. And the dark background keeps al posts short and gives you this option.

    However I have got no problem reading the green links though. ;-)

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    definitely the darker one

    I would also opt for a richness colours have a look at a few elite cars sites and you will see that it speaks of quality

    don't go sticking any gold or gawdy colours in though

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    why not keep both up?
    surely it is a case of different strokes for different folks?

    otherwise why did you ask?
    you see i am the same, and very often i find that your first reaction is always the best. even if it the wrong one, because you will believe in it more.

    see what the long term brings.
    Just good marketing advice - Business ideas
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    It's the light one for me. Far cleaner and more professional looking.
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    I personally like the light one. It just seems more "clean".
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      Originally Posted by chrisfx View Post

      I personally like the light one. It just seems more "clean".
      i agree with this
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    I like No.2 better. don't know why, just overall look is better on No.2 IMO


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    I personally like the first one. I can understand why some would prefer the darker one though.
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      Hi Thomas,

      I like the blog with the dark background, but that's probably because I like the car in the picture better.

      Maybe you can test both and see what works best for you.

      BTW, you now have 4 votes for the darker background, 4 votes for the lighter one, and 2 votes to keep both. How's that for a consensus?



      You have 2 "About" tabs on the lighter blog, or thereabouts.
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    I'll vote for the first site. The darker background does help to focus you on the content. I also agree that green links are harder to read on the dark gray background.

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    The darker one appeals more to me. I just think it looks more inviting.
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    I'm kind of in the middle. I like the lighter one better, but think the background and sidebar could be a shade or two darker. I agree with the others that the lighter one looks a little cleaner to me.

    If you want me to go on arguing, you'll have to pay for another five minutes.

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  • I would say the one with the white background wins it for me.

    A white background in your design because it just matches with your inner theme. Shows simplicity and goes more with the style of your car pix.

    The black one doesn't make much sense to me because it just looks like it stands out, doesn't fit in with the rest of the design.
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