Micro Niches for Self Improvment

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first thread post since joining a while back. I have been wanting to get myself into the self improvement niche but I very well know that there are a lot of sub niches below it. Now here's my situation, I am starting a free membership site regarding self improvement wherein they will get access to 42 videos regarding different self improvement tips (in essence it is like an authority site). I haven't created the video yet but I have created the slides already for the screen capture (like 1 slide per topic). I guess here are my questions:

1) Did I get myself into a very broad niche and if yes, do I have a chance of making it?

2) If I narrow things down, how can I properly use the slides I created?

3) If I need to narrow down to a sub or micro niche level, does that mean I need to create membership sites for each sub or micro site that I will create?

Hoping for all your advises

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