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hey folks,
i just purchased a copy of "article post robot" and would like to know your recommendations on using the program? Also does it really help the ranking of web pages E.G improve the search engine ranking of an EZA article (building backlinks to that article). Do you get more traffic from the articles submitted with article post robot, exclude extra traffic from better SERPS (just from having so many copies of that article out there). All im really after what is techniques do you people use to get the best results with Article post robot.

thanks guys really appreciate the help this community has given me over the past couple of months. Can't wait till i am one of the people who give help to other's.
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    does no one use article post robot. maybe i shouldn't have spent money on it. anyway i will still use it and ill post the results if anyones interested.
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      Do they have a support desk, of FAQ's page?
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        I did a search on google for article post robot. I think it is similar to article submission services like isnare etc. except that you can control your submissions.

        That has the ability to add and remove article sites?

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          APR is software to automate submission of articles to multiple directories. It comes with an instruction manual that explains how to use it. They also offer good support in my experience.

          It's not a magic bullet that adds weight to your article directory links or sends you traffic - it's a time/work saver for article submission.


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            Here is some help that I have posted in other threads:

            I thought maybe I could give the folks some insight since I'm a user, and not the developer. A lot of stuff is covered in the owner's manual, but I'll tell you some things that will make using this program easier.

            You'll have to sign up with all the sites before you use the program. I HIGHLY recommend that you get Roboform, the paid version. I'll be honest, even with Roboform, signing up to all of the article directories is going to take some time. But, this is a one time thing.

            Have a anti virus and spyware program up to date and running on your computer when you run the program. Don't say I didn't warn you. Some of the sites DO have a virus on them.

            Make the time to be there when you do your first run. I did this on a Sunday while I was watching golf, so it wasn't that bad. The reason for this is that some sites are going to want a pen name. I found this out during the first submission run. You just pause the program, and enter a pen name. You'll then have to manually re-submit the article. Once you have pen names for the sites that require them, you don't have to worry about this again.

            I've only seen a few sites that utilize the capcha code. 99% of them don't.

            I utilize Power Article Rewriter, Content Assistant, and Word Flood in setting up hundreds of quality spun articles and around 50-75 different titles with my main keyword in it. This part is the most time consuming of the whole process. APR will randomly pull these spun articles and titles, so you are submitting a different article to each directory.

            I don't use it to submit to the big, well known directories. Ezinearticles, goarticles, amazines, searchwarp, articleclick, articlesbase, articledashboard, articlealley, articlecube, articlesfactory, articlefame, articletrader, 123articleonline, and free-articles-zone are the ones that I manually submit to. I've heard buzzle is good, so I just signed up with them today and am waiting to hear back from them.

            Once you get the hang of this program, it is simple to use. You just have to keep tweaking it to get it where you want it. I haven't used it to submit to mailing lists, so I can't be of any help there.

            Hope some of this helps.

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