How To Get KILLER Market Research Results In Minutes For Free On (This is awesome!)

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This is a great find. This might have come from Peter Parks of Affiliate Punisher, but either way, it has really helped me, even just the other day, to really get inside the heads of a market that heck, I had only begun to understand.

Take the test prep market for example. (Yawn!)

I know...

But, even helped me really get into the heart of how to "demonize the objections" of people that are primed to buy but struck deaf and dumb by the fear factor...the bug that hits us all at one point our another.

Here's how it works:

Go to and type in your search term or keyword. Ours was test prep, and we also did SAT, and SAT prep. We went to the # 1 and # 2 books.

I scrolled down to the reviews. Now this is where the GOLD is...

• One person said that they were encouraged by all the hands on strategies and work-arounds that they were given.

•Others were scared that the information in the book was not "accurate" or maybe up to date.


These people wanted to make the "right" purchase and have "specific" answers that were right on target. They wanted the "best information possible".

Others were wanting to make a "wrong decision" and become embarrassed by their leap of financial faith.


Study the reviews closly. Read into the emotions behind the stories. I read that these people are in need of a deep re-assurance in the quality and accuracy of information.

I would use news stories and book reviews if I were selling these books. Use TONS of testimonials, social proof elements of noted reviewers, how many copies the books had sold, etc.

These people do not want to be wrong or be laughed at. They want accurage results for their money. They want a higher score. It's all about re-assurance with this crowd.

I could go into more detail, but I think you get the idea.


I highlighted various sentences within the copy of the reviews, and explained to my client how we could use that to psychologically re-assure his website visitors.

This is GOLD people.

Also, look at the covers of these books and table of contents, and the back cover for benefits you can use for your own copy.



Let me know if this helps you!

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