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How do I find the exact URL the visitor came from? Also i'm pretty happy with the stats not so much the hits but the average time spent on the site is 20 minutes :-D
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    20 min?! Wow! that's a lot...maybe someone was on your site, then dropped dead and hasn't been found yet XD
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    LOL wishmaster!

    I dig GA too. One of my sites might hold the record for LEAST amount of time spent on the site (just a few seconds), but I actually love that fact. It's a site that makes its money from nothing but Adsense. Has about a 40% CTR. Am I proud of it? Nope. Does it make enough to pay a monthly car payment or even the electric bill here in 100+ degree Texas in August? Oh yeah baby!

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    Wow how do you get a 40% ctr?

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