Don't Be a Casualty, Cut The Cord!

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I wanted to put this post as an experiment.

I got a product recently that was about getting more clicks and opens on emails and standing out from the usual reviews and product pitches so people get excited about reading your emails.

One of the ways to get people to notice your headlines was to use more eye catching and interesting headlines. The title of this thread is actually from a song on the new Shinedown album that I love and is an example of what one can do with subject lines.

I'll be interested to see how many people view this post, regardless of if they comment, just an experiment!
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    Don't you think that even if you have a great headline. which makes people curious to click, but your copy message is totally different, then it will turn people off?

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      A headline that synchs with the content makes for happy readers.

      Clickbait headlines piss people off. Sensational headlines to trick people just so they'll click only to find rubbish or content that is totally disconnected warrants the flip of the bird at the content and the author--generally speaking.
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    I think I know which product you bought and I will say your post title did intrigue me so that DID work.

    All The Best.
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    His headline worked on all of us. I am pretty sure he knows that what is inside the email is equally important if not more important than his headline.

    I read saw his headline wondered what it was all about and clicked. It stood out from the other posts. This is what was being tested.

    All The Best.
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    It IS a dick move. Called a bait-and-switch and if you ran it in a brick-and-mortar store, it'd be illegal.

    "Ugg Boots Half Off!" Oh, sorry, it's not boots, it's cereal.

    Can you hear the customer's swearing response right now?

    Provocative headlines are fine, and I use them with clients; however, they must match up with your offer or you're being deceptive. And people don't like that.

    If your message inside had one sentence connecting to the subject line, it'd be OK.

    Your headline here was sufficiently vague so there's no this case it did work.
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      I remember a test I ran ages ago; it read:
      We sell overpriced cr*p that you simply do not need! Don't bother clicking!
      It did rather well.
      Put MY voice on YOUR video:
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        I understand both sides of this coin.

        You are using the WF members as guinea pigs to test your headline.

        On the other hand, members don't like to be fooled, don't like their time to be wasted, and understand that headlines should connect with content.

        Personally, what came to my mind when I read the headline was - here we go again, another thread on the danger of relying totally on Google organic search to send you all your web site traffic.

        I was wrong. I'll give you this one. Don't fool me again.

        Fooled once - your fault. Fooled twice - me fault.


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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        Originally Posted by David Beroff View Post

        I remember a test I ran ages ago; it read:
        It did rather well.

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    Originally Posted by Rob Harris View Post

    I'll be interested to see how many people view this post, regardless of if they comment, just an experiment!
    You'll get nothing of value from the page views in this little experiment. How do you know if I've visited this thread once 10x 50x.

    Am I here because of your headline or because someone who I respect or dislike posted in the thread.

    Are people coming back for your contribution or because of what others have said in the thread.

    If you want to try this style of headline pay up use PPC and you'll get results quick.

    Including bounce rate!
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      Personally, I imagined it was a subject about newbies depending too much on others instead of doing their own research and testing, which runs rampant here

      But you got me, ha, ha (both index fingers pointing at ya).
      Nice "made you look" hype-line.

      As if we don't have enough of those here already. Sheesh!
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        It took very little time and zero emotional investment for me to click and read this.

        I read it. It "worked." I was curious. I mostly expected either a very off-topic rant or some sort of SPAM. So, it did stick out from the other posts when I scanned the titles, many of which look redundant and will likely have many similar non-answers w/ a couple gems mixed in.

        I agree with others that once you've got us here, the message matters. So personally, I feel like the title has to in some way tie in with the content. It can be clever, but it should have some relevance.

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    Your experiment is flawed and useless. For instance, I clicked on this thread because I assumed from the title that it was spam. You have to click on a thread to report it here and that is the only reason I clicked on it. (I didn't report it btw).

    If this had been an email, I would not have opened it and would have reported it as spam. If I recognized the name of the person who sent it as someone whose list I was on, I would have unsubscribed.
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      I found that Headlines matter less ( but still matter) but whom the email is coming from is more

      Just look at your own Inbox and what do you click on most? People you know, trust, and are captivated by or Emails from anybody that have a unique headline

      - Robert Andrew
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    Originally Posted by Rob Harris View Post

    One of the ways to get people to notice your headlines was to use more eye catching and interesting headlines.
    Yeah but that does not amount to much if your content/message sucks.......
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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    To be honest, your headline got me very curios to where I had to open up your thread. So it worked.
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      If your sole objective was to get that first click, congratulations. It's working.

      If you had any further goal, the "haha, got you to look" headline pretty much blew your credibility. With no connection to the headline, I doubt I'd click any link, or even read the whole email.

      Fool me once? Shame on you. Fool me twice? Not gonna happen, because you'll never even get the chance.

      Still a fun experiment?
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    I got pissed off.
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    Sarah Star looks like a guy wearing a wig. What is it with the deep voice. This video is a joke, and you are trolling us - right?
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    I am feeling indignant for reasons I do not understand (but I will pretend to).

    Do you even scientific method? Lol.
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    This worked because you used the perfect psychology of wanting to side with the consumer (key to success in regular marketing). I'm a newbie in IM so I wanted a tip, and clicked through. Click baiting only works to some extent though, and certainly less so these days where it's EVERYWHERE

    (PS - I did get a tip from this however so glad I did click through)
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    I opened to read because I just cut the cord and have wireless internet
    service for the first time, so I thought the post was about that.

    -Ray Edwards
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