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Hi everyone!

I'm new to IM and was wondering if you could provide me with some advice as I heard this is the best forum to find successful Internet Marketers. My initial goal is to earn $2000 per month consistently every month so that I can quit my day job and focus solely on IM to eventually earn more while remaining my own boss. At the moment I make that sort of money after tax in a sales job where I need to cold call businesses and sell them services at around $7000 per sale. I'm not doing badly and earn commission but I need to be in charge of my own destiny. I don't like the idea of having someone that can fire me at any time and can control what I do with my time 10 hours a day.

I want to focus on affiliate marketing within the IM market. I also heard the fastest way to succeed is to find a successful mentor who has already followed the steps I want and need to take and model what they actually do to achieve very similar results.

So my questions are:

1- Where can I find a mentor that has attained those sort of results and beyond and is willing to give me advice and let me model them?

2- Who are the most successful internet marketers within the affiliate IM market at the moment in the world?

3- What are the best books or other sources of information to learn how to be successful with affiliate marketing?

I looked around and I found MLM opportunities within affiliate marketing including MOBE (My Online Business Education) and SFM (Six Figure Mentors). I know they would be motivated to train people because they would make commission out of it but on the other hand there are monthly fees and you can only sell their products.

I really need to become my own boss and will put in the time to learn the right skills and take action. I just need to learn from the right source / person and be consistent.

I appreciate you might get asked this a lot but if you could please take the time to tell me what you believe is the right direction to achieve my goals with IM that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Andrew,

    Congrats on your bold decision!

    Spend an hour a day on this forum. Read posts and study those posts. Search for topics you're interested in. Study, study, study Some mentors offer paid services but many IMers here run full time businesses; they are tough to pin down but they have likely shared oodles of free content here and on their blogs. I'd suggest reading here, then when you find an interesting blogger or IMer (like 1 who lives in paradise, wink wink) click through to their blog, get on their list and gobble up their free, value-packed information.

    Envision yourself as a student now, sitting in your desk. You can pay tuition for a professor (hire mentor for a fee) or you can scroll through the forums and blogs to get the information for free, or you can do both.

    Excited to watch your journey!

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Let the forum be your mentor and beware of getting an actual mentor online. Lots of newbies get scammed into buying affiliate products that they never needed from human "mentors" that offer to help or guide them.
    Boost Your Sales & Website Traffic TODAY!
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    Unless you start your own MLM, stay away from MLM -if you're smart.
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      Welcome to the WF!

      I would suggest you spend some time on the forum watching and observing what's going on around here. Make good use of the "search" and you will find lots of threads with answers to questions you will have. Learn which forum members seem to provide sensible answers - it will become more and more apparent over time.

      Don't quit your day job just yet. Internet marketing (IM) is simple and offers anyone an opportunity to profit from their own effort. But beware . . . IM is not easy and doesn't provide instant income to most of the folks turning to it for full time employment. You can reach that status (full time income) over time, but don't put pressure on yourself early on. Start small and part time focusing on one single web site and niche. You can expand later on as you get more and more experience.

      Everything starts with researching the market to find prospect demand. You are looking for groups of people ready to buy (your audience) a solution to a common problem or a need or desire. Once you find demand then you can begin to think about a product or service to sell into that demand. Most newbies get this wrong. They start by picking a product to sell. But they really have no clue if it will sell.

      You can start doing IM in your spare time and work at it until your income is consistent and surpasses your day job income. Then you are ready to make the switch to full time IM.

      The very best to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I think your main goal should be make less than $2,000.. it is a good mindset but you need to start somewhere in this, if you dont have some money to invest you need to scale up slowly and go from there.,, lets make your first $100
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  • Research IM in general, all the ways to mmo and other niches. Use the forum and post questions like you have. Be very careful hiring a mentor, dont do it at this stage. Set yourself a smaller realistic goal initially, maybe $500 a month by January for example and build upon that. I can assist further in general if you want so drop me a PM.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Also regarding my 2 last questions does anyone know:

    Who are the most successful internet marketers within the affiliate IM market at the moment in the world?

    What are the best books or other sources of information to learn how to be successful with affiliate marketing?

    Thanks a lot!

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      Originally Posted by Modelling View Post

      Thanks everyone!

      Also regarding my 2 last questions does anyone know:

      Who are the most successful internet marketers within the affiliate IM market at the moment in the world?

      No one. Because everyone claims it as the best just to make more money. Understand?

      What are the best books or other sources of information to learn how to be successful with affiliate marketing?

      Never exist. All books just lay the basic, since you must experience yourself.

      Thanks a lot!

      The clue is... you need to see the dark to find out the light!
      Good luck.

      Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
      . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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        Hey Andrew,
        Yeah Iam sure if you have not seen it already you will probably get a flood of PMs from so called 'mentors' who want to sell you Coaching or something of that nature.

        For some, a formal Mentor can be a good thing. For me, I didn't really need one.

        I had people here who I considered Mentors but it was not formal where I paid them a fee or anything.

        Just people who I networked with and watched their every move and what they had to say.

        From my experience, this can serve you well

        - Robert Andrew
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    Here's a little advice I can give you that I learned in the past almost 13 years online:

    Only work with programs that can pay you.....

    1. Residual income

    2. Income from upsells.

    3. Programs that offer you high ticket commissions.

    If you can find a product that can pay you these commissions, and you can, you can do really well.

    Never work with programs that pay you a ONE TIME commissions of $10-$60
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      "Experience and experiments are the best teachers."

      Well said, Complex. Your entire post hit the nail on the head.

      You simply can't beat the experience of running tests that do not produce desired results, failing miserably from time to time, and seeing success as the light bulbs finally start going off for being the best teacher ever. Been there, done that. Wore out the T-shirt.

      As for finding good mentors, I was one of the lucky ones here. I have an excellent mentor and as luck would have it, we complement each other with our skills, enabling us to work on some - not all - projects together. We have learned from each other and I have every confidence that in a few months I will have enough supplemental income to be quite comfortable.

      Notice I said "in a few months" and comfortable does not mean millions. It means a new used car that will probably need some work, a used motorcycle that will definitely need work, some new clothes, eating out occasionally, vetting the pets, and no worries about paying our few bills.

      Using steady, focused attention, over time my baby Internet business will allow me more than the above, growing into a real producer that I can rely on.

      Originally Posted by Complex View Post

      Here's an answer nobody wants to hear.

      But they should.

      Experience and experiments are the best teachers.

      That's what folks who do this thing for real (and not just sell IM coaching to folks who are going to then sell their own IM coaching to folks who are going to sell IM coaching to ...) did to get to where they are.

      Wanna skip that?

      Lol ... Folks who've been doing this thing for 40 years and made millions can't skip it. Why should you?

      Point is ...

      Do the thing.

      And most mentoring is just a not-so-clever way to sell what you'd find in a cheap ebook at a higher price. All they did was repack it and reposition it to justify a higher price point. Hmm. Is there a lesson right there? Maybe.

      Plus ...

      Google's your friend. You don't have to pirate anything. Most stuff is "out there" legitimately and not so hard to find.

      But if you need a mentor ...

      There's plenty here who only know how to make money online as a mentor.

      Is that what you want to be when you grow up?

      If not ...

      What can they really teach you?
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    If I were you, I'd start with the War Room here.

    Explore the different ideas presented there.

    Take a personal inventory of your skills and your time

    Pick one direction.

    Kill it or Fail quickly.

    Figure out what went wrong or what went right

    Build on your success and pick another direction.
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    You might like listening to a podcast called The Top by Nathan Latka. Every day he interviews a very successful business person and really gets into how they did it. 15 or 20 minute interviews.

    Also Pat Flynn is "the" successful internet marketer. And sweetheart.
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    The mentor route can be rewarding but risky depending on who you actually find.

    If you enjoy reading any blogs and you know any bloggers that are at a place you want to be, try contacting them to see if they do any mentoring.

    I prefer sticking to a paid forum. APB or STM. Group mentoring is always better imo
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    My advice to you is get the right mindset first..

    Don't let earning money be your main goal or motive. Otherwise, you will end up jumping from one thing to another, to what promises you to make the fastest income. This is the perfect remedy for wasting money and time and total desperation.

    Think of internet marketing as any trade in life. You have to learn the art, the tools and practice till you master them.

    Forget about making money now. Let your goal be to educate yourself first and find what you're passionate about. Be a disciple. Inquire and observe. And STICK to one method that you enjoy doing.

    You are at the perfect place. In fact, you started by posting this, you're just doing it right

    I wish you a wonderful journey.
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    I think it's good to have a mentor, a single source of information and someone who'll kick your butt. Give you someone to be accountable to.

    But as for recommending one, it really depends on what you want to get into.

    Like a personal trainer, some are into fat loss, some into bodybuilding, some into performance.

    Mentors are into different stuff.

    Internet Marketing is just marketing on the internet. It's not a business model as such. Brick n' mortar business use internet marketing.

    Anyway, mentors tend to specialize in areas.

    You need to find a business model that appeals to you first and foremost, then seek out someone within that field.

    Good luck mate.
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    A mentor? You made the right decision, and Warrior Forum is probably the best place to find one! As someone wisely said, read through the posts written by the experts who have given you their time and good advice, for free, and then PM one or two or more of them to enquire about coaching. I wish I had done this when I started, instead of wasting a lot of time and money thinking I could manage on my own but I was wrong. I finally realized I needed a mentor, and now I'm making progress. I wish you sincere Good Luck in all your online endeavors and I hope you'll keep smiling!
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    I suggest you find a mentor like Anik Signal or Mark Ling, They have coached thousands of persons who have gone on to be million dollar earners themselves. I like how Anik provide 1 on 1 coaching with his students. He has been my inspiration in starting IM. Also you can check the free WSO section on this forum if you don't have any money to start.
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    Great thread guys. I see that you have been very careful not to push for your affiliate links to this person who raised the questions. I am now just like the person who started this thread. I have been "chasing my tail" trying to figure out the IM space.

    I have been getting over-whelmed with what is actually out there. The information and best advises that people share is a lot to process if you starting out in this business. Finding a mentor or mentors is a great way to start.

    The idea of making millions seemed so real when i first got in...the the upsells started...this confused me and i almost lost a lot of money.

    The one thing i learnt over these past few months is that there is a set formula but you need to spend the time looking through all the ebooks/guru reports/ "sure things"..etc...in order for your to start understanding how to get a blueprint. Then it boils down to a strategy and which is the "NICHE" you want to be in.

    What alot of newbies, like myself, do is fall into the "get rich quick schemes" out there. Many of the experienced "SCAMMERS", run fantastic campaigns that make you believe that they have the right stuff for you.

    As a newbie, finding the right advise is the key to success.

    I am grateful that i have found this post and have now made it my mission to engage many experienced guys within this forum.

    Thank you to all that have posted
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    I agree with all the awesome contributions made so far... IM is a very broad subject with a lot of ways to make money and for someone new it can be very confusing and over whelming but i am glad that you already know what you want to focus on - Affiliate marketing. Personally when i started affiliate marketing myself i was on Patric chan's newsletter. He was very instrumental in my success as an affiliate marketer and then i went on to discover Mark Ling's blog, affilorama.com which has affiliate marketing training, software and support. These could be a great place to start.

    One important thing i learned about affiliate marketing is that you can speed up your success by jumping on to an already done for you system that has been tried and provern to work. You do not need to reinvent the wheel...

    Welcome to the exciting world of IM you will find that your journey will be like a roller coaster ride, you will come across both ups and downs but don't give up! If you however do your research and find some interesting course, mentor or system, do not hesitate to contact the forum for validation on whatever research you will have found...you will receive all the support you need...

    Wishing you all the best lol!
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