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I would like to create a SHARE to unlock site message.
To access to my website, people have to share my site on Facebook (just once)
I need it on all my website pages, not on only 1 post.
Can you suggest me a special plugin?
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    I think this is a really bad idea.

    What would you think of a restaurant who stopped you at the door and told you that you couldn't even read the menu until you posted a positive review on Yelp or Tripadvisor?

    I run into these content lockers, and my usual response is the back button.

    On the very rare occasions I do share, the message is "Please ignore this. I'm only posting it to get around a friggin' content locker."
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    Agree with John that this is a bad idea.

    HOWEVER, a content locker can be massively beneficial for "content upgrades"

    In this case, you provide value with your blog post. And then offer to give away additional value in exchange for a social share.

    I would never ask for a social share before a visitor even gets to the site. Almost nobody will do that. And your user metrics will be terrible.

    Search engines track how long visitors stay on your site. With a content locker at the get-go, your user metrics will be awful.
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  • Hey, I was looking into this just the other day, and plan on talking about it on my site.

    While I don't suggest content locking your entire site, if you want to just lock some of the best stuff, there's a Wordpress plugin called Onepress Social Locker. They have a free version, which still has probably the most important functionality.
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    Hi, I have found the plugin and I have to say that it doesn't work. I mean, it doesn't increase traffic.
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    Everyone is not on Facebook. Everyone on Facebook doesn't like Facebook. Everyone on Facebook doesn't share anything. Those on Facebook who read your article may not think it's worth sharing. In my opinion, terrible idea.
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    You can try social Locker for wordpress, presuming you have a wordpress site. It is not good to lock your entire website, it can be a turn off to some persons. Instead lock pages with like free downloads which you think persons in your niche will like and will share your page to get it.
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    Stick to Social Locker. Also, unless you have a very good reason for WHY I should unlock your content. You better not lock up your entire site.

    What I do for my blog is copied from Matt's blog. I have a social locker for a downloadable PDF, sometimes a cheat sheet. I don't recommend locking the entire content as that is ... just silly.
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    thank you everybody. It's true people don't do forced share.
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