the best way to make a video

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i want to work on Youtube with Youtube partner
and i need a way to make videos
please if you have any good ideas help me
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    Add value to your viewers lives and they will love you...

    Maybe it's with reviews, maybe software... maybe with laughter...
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    Simple. Get a camcorder and record yourself. Demonstrate expertise and upload daily to Youtube. It's simple. Fill out everything that each video requires, and study internet marketing (and video marketing) to make it rank high on Youtube and in the search engine results.

    Or... buy a video software: Camtasia, ArcSoft Video Impression, Camstudio, etc if you want to make on-screen videos.
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    I used the camera on my phone to start my channel the other day! I use Screenflow for screen recordings.
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    thank you for Your ideas
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      If you are going to do a screen capture of recording in front of your PC, then i suggest you to use your PC/Notebook Webcam and start doing it. If you need to have a good quality, think more about the noise that your mic generates so a good MIC normally its better then the webcam upgrade.

      If you go recording outside, then a Camera would be nice, you may start with your cellular camera and afterwards upgrade to something more Professional. Outside recordings a good Mic its mandatory.

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    Get an excellent video script and hire spokespersons on Fiverr.

    The secret here is the VIDEO SCRIPT.

    You have to make sure it is MAGNETIC and would make people subscribe to your channel or click on your site link in the description section.
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    I often use this screen recorder to make video or record anything I want. It works fine and even supports uploading video to YouTube directly. It's quite easy to use.
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    Hi adelkaram,

    Since your question is kind of broad, I'll give a broad answer.

    You need to make videos? Use your smart phone and buy a decent video editing app (like camtasia).That's the easiest way to start.

    Start recording yourself and decide where you want to take your channel on YouTube. Are you a funny person? Make funny prank videos. Are you someone who is older and wiser and could share insights on life? Then ponder life's greatest questions on camera. Do you enjoy teaching and helping others? Teach others what you know about certain hobbies or interest you have.

    The key is to find your strengths and hone it on them. One thing I can tell you is that it takes practice to become good on video. But, like anything else, you can become great at it, if you just keep at it.

    If you have more technical questions about getting started, please be more specific on your next post.

    Hope that helps.

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    Try to record with your cellphone, then add some special effects to it.
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    So you just want to make videos and upload them to youtube? You see this might look very simple, but there are tons of other youtubers, who are doing that. This won't be enough to just ask what videos should you make and how.

    You need to work hard, come up with a plan, lets say what ideas have you got? Write them down on a paper after this decide, which you would like the most and what videos could you make. Do a research what other youtubers do.
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    If you need to do screen captures, you don't necessarily need to invest in expensive software to record what you are doing on screen. Quite a few basic packages that come with your computer already have that capability built in.

    If you use a Mac for instance then Quicktime player allows you to make a recording of your screen or part of your screen which you can incorporate in any video. Just go to file>new screen recording.
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    I usually use my phone to record myself and I will edit the video with Lightworks video editing software its one of the best you can get out there with an impressive set of real time effects that will come in handy when it comes to professional video editing.

    I always rename my video the keyword I want it to rank for before uploading it, I think this helps with the rankings.
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    Hey there,

    What niche are you going to be making videos about?

    As an avid YouTube fan I'll give you how I see it from a viewers perspective.

    First thing that I need to say is, if you are just doing a 2min cliff hanger video where you talk about the results you got and tell me to click on the link below to find out more..

    I NEVER click on the link below, I leave right away and probably will not watch anymore videos.

    The second thing is, when you provide value (which I'm assuming you will do ) I probably will not click on your website that you promote at the end of the video and most likely will not subscribe from the very first video.

    But don't let that discourage you because it's only after I watch a few videos and love them that I click on the links below to checkout their "Off YouTube" page.

    What I would like and think would be interesting is instead of asking people to subscribe because everyone does that... Ask people to view some more videos on your channel

    I can see myself doing that is I was a viewer and if the video creator didn't tell me to subscribe, but told me to browse his channel and watch another video I would most definitely do that!

    (provided I liked the video)

    Anyways just my perspective as an avid watcher

    Hope this helped!

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    You can reup all video have common creative
    Don't worry about copyright
    I try on it and success
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