WARNING: About Approving FaceBook Friends...

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Just got an email from what looked to be from FaceBook with some girl requesting a friend request. I almost clicked the link directly in the email but then noticed that FaceBook didn't address me by name.

This was the first clue...

I mean it looked very real... It had Other Friends you might know related to this user type of thing as well.

So I opened a new window and went to my FaceBook account and low and behold there were no Friend requests pending at all.

Just to give you guys a heads up on those emails because it almost got me and I've been on the internet for like... Ever!

Mike Hill
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    I've had a few as well. Beware. The spammers are getting smarter.
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    I've had a few emails like those a while back from unknowns definitely from the spammers network. Today I don't click on them, there in the trash.
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    Probably Facebook spammers phishing for accounts to send some spam with, be careful and check the links before clicking.
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    Really..? Hmm.. Good thing you have shared this since I am fond of approving friend requests outright.. I would not have noticed if I were you.. Spammers are indeed becoming more and more intelligent..
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    I don't know I might be OCD or something but I never click on email links lol, I just go straight to FB if I get an email from them, same with Twitter, it's weird, but I dunno
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    My daughter was only telling me the other day that she has had her facebook account hacked twice (and had loads of spam sent out in her name). Facebook techs had to change her password etc.

    When we dug deeper, she told me she had clicked on this type of link etc in an email.

    She was quite shocked when she realised where she had made her mistake. (I thought she was more savvy than to do something like that to be honest)

    I never approve anyone I don't know, lol I even blocked my cousin at one point cos she had married and I forgot her married name!

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    yeah, they are definitely hitting it hard,

    i got one the other day as well, and i'm not even signed up for facebook yet!

    and i was still tempted to click it. duh..

    so thanks, that is a very good warning,

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    I'm really active on FB so had heard about this too - being hyper-vigilant now. Thanks for the reminder though.
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    Yep, I received a few requests like that as well and just about bit. I always wonder how the spammers and creeps would do if they actually used their "skills" for good.....probably some pretty sharp people out there.

    Maybe we're just on the wrong side of the fence.....nah!
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    Has anyone noticed this with any other of the web2.0 sites - like Twitter?
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    It happens for a number of 2.0 sites, but we just have to remain vigilant. unfortunately security will always be 3 steps behind criminality due to cause and effect.
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    phishing is fast becoming an everyday event. I am getting at least 5- 6 such mails daily. How to get rid of these mails. out of 100 email almost 60 mails goes to the bin. I cant change the email. Any other solutions?

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    It seems like you were lucky.

    You followed your instincts and investigated before clicking.

    Nice post, thanks for the heads up
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    This is a timely warning ,thanks.
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      This is one reason why I don't have websites send me email!

      Well, that's not true. I just don't like to get the email. But this is a nice side benefit.
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