How blog is needed for affiliate marketing?

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I read here some discussions about affiliate marketing. Can anyone answer, what is the role of blog writing if we doesn't have any site. I mean if someone work as an affiliate ie, just promoting another sites products, is blog writing or SEO needed? What are the other options for promoting products in this case?
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    People don't just buy products you promote because you want to. You usually have to convince them to. A way of doing this is setting up a blog or website where you talk about other related topics, and then recommend the products once in a while.

    Example: Say you're in the fishing niche. You can't just have a simple website and ask people to buy fishing products. You must create some content, usually to give advice on this subject, and then, once in a while, recommend them to buy some fishing products. This way you'll earn their trust and there are higher chances that they'll buy.

    It's an oversimplified view, but this is why you mainly need to write content.
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    Hey Juliet,

    The blogs I run are specific to each niche, contain news, relevant posts, tips and hints, and then product review posts.

    For example, I have a meditation blog, where I'll posts benefits on this, photos, interviews with people in that niche, and now and then there'll be a post about meditation cd, and other things etc.

    Blogs are great as if you get someone's attention they may read more than one post entry of it. Once your posts start piling up to, people will start to see it as a good reliable reference point for said niche, which is when you can start to feed in the advertising.

    however if you do not want to use Blogs, could always try other methods, such as Youtube reviews.
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    Juliet as a pure affiliate marketer you may not need Blog but you will definitely need a landing page. A landing page will be a bridge to your offer, its a pre-sale page that tells the visitor what the product is about and why they should buy the product.
    Secondly if you do Paid Traffic then in some cases you cannot directly link to the offer so a landing page is necessary.
    To be successful in affiliate marketing there are few things you have to do. You have to know your niche do a proper market research on the product. Then you need to find the selling angles. then you need to spy on the top marketers that sale the products. use their strategies to sell. This way you have no try and error and basically emulating what is already working.
    At one point I was like you but with years I came to find out that the hard work is already done we just have to get into market and sale using what is already proven strategy to sell.
    This might completely sound new to you but you will understand what I mean when you watch this video I had done on spying.

    Hope this helps you and many others.
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    Hi JulietK,

    A blog is a great way to help others, engage with people and to build a list.

    If you are writing content that is interesting to read, honest and helps others, you will be building a relationship with your readers. You can build a list of subscribers that know like and trust you.

    I wouldn't worry about SEO just make sure your blog post is published on the same day or days. Do at least one post a week, if you can do more brilliant. Comment on other peoples blogs you can do this in a Facebook group called Blogging Mastermind.

    Done correctly, you will really benefit as an affiliate with your blog and the more you post and comment on other blogs the more readers you are going to get, the more you banner ads are going to me clicked and of course the quality of your list will be very good and where you will often make your best sales because they know like and trust you as long as you are providing value and helping your readers avoid mistakes maybe you made on your IM journey.

    If you are new to IM blog about your journey. You will help others if you are honest.

    All The Best
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    Hi JulietK,

    I think it's important to have an impression on those you are sending affiliate links to, this is why blogging is good means to connect with these people, create a rapport with them and let them feel comfortable with you before you send them links... they will then buy because they already trust you and believe you have their interest at heart.. this method way better than just bumping offers on people, could be annoying at times and you will have lower rate of conversion too. I hope this helps.
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    If you are new to IM blog about your journey. You will help others if you are honest.
    But you won't make any money.
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    Thanks to all.
    I agree your comments - blogs are useful for traffic generation. But my doubt is that - if I have no site, and I just promoting others products.. then how to do blog writing ? One thing is to blog submissions right? Or need to create separate website for promotion?
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      Originally Posted by JulietK View Post

      Thanks to all.
      I agree your comments - blogs are useful for traffic generation. But my doubt is that - if I have no site, and I just promoting others products.. then how to do blog writing ? One thing is to blog submissions right? Or need to create separate website for promotion?
      You seem confused. In internet marketing, we typically use the words "site" and "blog" interchangeably. Nowadays, affiliate marketers use blogs to promote stuff. You write product reviews and articles, based on the things that people are looking to learn about in the search engines for whatever niche you are in. S.E.O. (search engine optimization) is all about learning how to get ranked for certain keywords that people in your niche are looking for.

      In addition to getting traffic from the search engines, it's also common to build a list (using an e-mail auto responder) that shows up in the form of an opt-in form). This way, when people come to your blog (because they looked something up in the search engines and found a particular page on your blog because of a product review or something you wrote), and decide to join your list, you can tell them about new products coming out and stuff like that. It's like another way to make money from your blog. Offline businesses do the same thing but on computers. Does that make sense?

      Another reason you need a blog is because there are places you can only promote things if you link to a page on a blog. For instance, you can't just go on social media and send out affiliate links. That is spam and will get your account shut down. I'll give you a quick example. Another Star Wars movie is coming out soon. It makes sense that people are going to start buying all thing Star Wars -- especially toys. If you're in the toy market, this would be something good to promote.

      Let's say you start a blog called "" or something. You could create a page for like "popular Star Wars action figures," and give a brief overview of all them. If people wanted to learn more about a particular action figure, you could have a link to that particular review or however you wanted to do it. You could also write some articles -- making sure to keep people informed about all the Star Wars chat going on like when certain things are going to be released and what not.

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    Hey Juliet,

    You can write blogs for trending technology, foods or fashion etc for promote affiliates with your blog if you don't have any type of website. Blogger is best option for newbie blogger.
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    Learned the purpose for a blog is to provide value, content, and drive traffic to your offer.

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    You could have a product's page even in a blog!!

    otherwise you can sell products throught your mail!
    I mean CPA offer of affiliate links!

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    Great great question. My students ask that alot. Many people have no interest in all the mumbo jumbo in websites, traffic, and blah blah blah. Blog writers love what they do and are good at it. They might as well get paid for it too. Right? Thoes that have gone through some of my tutorials have learned a great deal about combining affiliate marketing and blog writing. You might as well get the information and see if you can monetize your hard work. Let me know if you need anything else.
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