Fiverr gigs you use frequently

by msulcs
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Can we make a list of the best Fiverr gigs you have ordered or you still are ordering frequently?
Gigs can be in any category, but they must be really top-notch gigs.

Please no self-advertising.

Best regards,
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    There is already a section here at the WF for Internet Marketing Product Reviews and Ratings. That might be a better place for your thread.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hello Dear

    This is really a good idea.

    I experienced many top notches gigs ,But I will recommend only one that really deserve sharing.

    This kind girl offer her list for rent . she has 34765 subscribers and send a be-weekly newsletter .


    First time I ordered the gig with extrafast (30 dollars). I was promoting a fitness equipment that costs 450 dollars. but i got only 1 sale (my commission was 20% so i earned 90-30=60 dollars ) I went happy .

    After, i ordered again but this time with another extra (my product will be featured in the top, cost 40dollars ),I promoted a clickbank weightloss product that costs 54 dollars and I get 75% commission .I got 35 sales.So my earnings were (1417-70 = 1347).

    Now I'm negotiating with her , So I can rent the full space for a reasonable price I offerred 1000 dollars per 1 newsletter but she wanted more 1300 .I hope I make her agree.

    This is my honest review.

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    I've ordered tons of ebook covers for clients of mine.

    I rotate among different providers to make sure the designs are fresh.
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    For banner creation, video creation,

    I have a couple of sellers that I have gotten a positive response for posting on their social networks.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    He is asking for the best gig on fiverr and people are sharing their own gigs here....LoL

    I would recommend:
    to get traffic

    Get Content Targeted Super Real Traffic to Boost your Adsense Revenue!

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      Hey msulcs

      I use fiverr for video creation & sometime content creation too.
      But once ordered a fiverr gig for traffic and regret it till now.
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      Fiverr is very cheap rate quality service marketplace where have many experienced seller are waiting to provide their service at a little money.
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      Fiverr is the most popular marketplace to find work at a very little money.
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    Somebody bought email lists / databases from Fiverr sellers?
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      Originally Posted by avneriko View Post

      Somebody bought email lists / databases from Fiverr sellers?
      I don't think so? I used fiverr for 2 years and never found such a service.
      But as I mention in comment 1 ,You rent a space in a newsletter, I use this service personally and it's really beneficial

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    I like getting people to proofread my body copy. Most are college students or retired English teachers with more time than money. They can help you with sentence construction and word flow to make your articles improve. Spell check programs will not find major grammar errors. Also, they will not locate homonym howlers for you. Like the BEAR facts /snicker.

    Cartoonists do great work for $5, but there is a long queue. This use to be a great gig.

    Also, you can get people to help you debug programs. Please be careful as your mileage may vary.
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    More often than not, Fiverr has proven to be the old saying, "A fool and his money are soon parted" for me. I think maybe 30% of the gigs actually delivered on what was promised.
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    My experience with FIVERR is that the website offers complete trash. Nothing is worth paying for. Avoid it like the plague.
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      1) You just bumped a thread that's been dead for 2 years.
      2) I wouldn't touch that gig with a 50 foot pole
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    hey there
    payed traffic, sco backlinking, business email list , website services

    talk soon
    sam f
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    Not really sure what the purpose of this thread is
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