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Hello from down under !!!!

I am not only new to this forum but new to internet marketing as such.
I have spent the last 2 months going through all the stuff in Maverick Money Makers and learn the basics.

Now is the time for me to get into the 5th gear.

I have few business ideas but I have started with my first one which is a home based network marketing business and created a website.

I am looking to learn more about how to rank this site on the first page of google for 5-10 keywords. Sounds very basic to most of you right ? Not for me.

There is ton of information about seo on the web but I wanted to learn from a community like this.

I met James Schramko last weekend who is called "Australia's Own Internet Millionaire Marketer" and found out he frequents this forum.

I knew then that this is where I had to come and learn.

So my question is :

Whats the best e-book /any source out there to learn about SEO ?
What tools do I need to understand where the gaps are with my current website.

While I am trying to skill my self I am also looking for someone who can provide a SEO service for my website.

#newbie #seo #tools or ideas #warrior #website
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    Give me a topic and I will research it to death , that is when not on my blogs.
    I.M. Success Strategies
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    I'd say that the best SEO course, hands-down, is StomperNet's Stomping the Search Engines 2.0. It's not cheap, but you can get it for $1 on a 30-day trial.

    Get it and watch the videos. You'll learn a lot.
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      Hello and welcome...

      I've been doing SEO recently for myself and some clients. I've found that is a great resource there is plently of information on their for free althrough their Pro Membership offers so much more. The tools offer you so much information about the current status of your site, they can help you plan the keywords and there are some great guides to SEO too.

      SEO is a large topic with many different areas but once you've got your head around certain technical aspects it isn't that complicated you just have to stick with it through thick and thin.

      Long with the tools at SEO - Search Engine Optimization | Read SEOmoz, Rank Better there are loads of other free one to help you too.

      Google offer this free keyword tool which gives you ideas for other related keywords along with the total monthly searches, competition and cost per click if your going to use Adwords.

      Let me know if you have any other questions I'll be happy to help.


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      Originally Posted by Rob Thayer View Post

      I'd say that the best SEO course, hands-down, is StomperNet's Stomping the Search Engines 2.0. It's not cheap, but you can get it for $1 on a 30-day trial.

      Get it and watch the videos. You'll learn a lot.
      Welcome Savio!

      All the Internet Marketing information you will ever need can be found right this forum. Many of the "GURUS" owe their success to the dynamism of the warrior forum!

      One thing I would tell you is to set your goals and read information based on these goals otherwise, you will quickly suffer from intense information overload. The amount of wealth of information here is astounding.

      One step at a time, one bite at a time, and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

      All the best to you Savio!

      Confused? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? And Tired? Let's Talk...
      How To Think And Become A Successful Webpreneur"By Richard Essi

      Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.

      --Gillian Anderson
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hi there. One free solution of great and consistent quality is Dr Andy's weekly newsletter. You can sign up on this page

    Internet Marketing Tips & Newsletter

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    Hi and welcome ...or should I say GDay

    There are plenty of postings and resources that are in here as well as all the wonderful services recommended above.

    Use the search function

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    G'day Savio,

    Good to see some more Aussies around here

    As far as SEO goes, there are tons of good books and courses. I've got a bunch of videos in my site and it's free, so I'd check that out if you don't want to spend any cash.

    I don't do my own seo, I use a company in India to do it all for me these days. They know their stuff and they're pretty cheap: :: Offshore Ally ::

    Have fun!

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    Start with your onpage optimisation this should include the following(In no particular order as I'd advice haveing all done):

    • The page code validates with the w3c validator - The W3C Markup Validation Service
    • Every page on your site has a different title - each pages title should be geared towards the keyword it is targeting.
    • Make sure you have a very good meta description (this will be shown in google results when you do get rank)
    • You should have your main keyword at the top of the page somewhere in the midle and at the end.
    • Use H1, H2, strong, and italic tags on relevant keywords throughout your pages.
    • Have a good internal linking stratagy
    • avoid dup content on the same domain
    • set your site to always point at eiter
      - Google apparently sees these as different domains still (I find that hard to believe but still set this up just in case) - you can do this with rewrite rules in either php or on IIS.
    There is plenty more onpage stuff you could do but they are the bits that I think are really important.

    Off page:

    build links in the following ways:

    • Articles
    • Forum Posts
    • Rss Feed directories
    • Bookmarking (Folkd is an awesome bookmarking site that google loves right now)
    • Yahoo answers
    • Web 2.0 propeties (squidoo, blogger etc) - build link wheels!
    I think thats a fair list of places to get links at least to get you going.

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      That was a very warm welcome indeed. Thanks guys.
      That's plenty of suggestions to keep me busy for a couple of days.
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    Welcome saviop,

    from one newbie to another,

    good luck to you,

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