Could you pay an affiliate with Alertpay ?

by grumpyjacksa 3 replies

Living in South Africa means not being able to accept payment via Paypal.

Snail mail from the USA takes about six weeks. And if you then have to wait for a check to clear.......
Clearing a local check takes two weeks. Can you imagine how long will it take before I have CB commissions in hand ?


Are there any warriors out there running affiliate programs, who would be willing to make periodical payouts via Alertpay ?

Alertpay allows you to add and withdraw funds straight to / from a bank account, or by wire. For me it should take 4-5 days.

If anyone can help me out, please chuck me a PM.

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    I thought Clickbank had upgraded to direct deposit. Or is that not available for you?

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    I wonder why the mail is so slow there. I've mailed things from the US to Austrailia and had them arrive in less than a week. South Africa is not as far away- why 6 weeks?
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      firstly, CB only does direct deposits after you got your third check in 12 weeks.

      secondly, my postcard from google adsense took 6 weeks. a recent freebie took five.

      thirdly, if i can have my money in a digital account, i can put as much as i want back into promotion, knowledge or tools. ( without paying international fees to get it there )
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