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Hey everyone, thought I would share some insight that I have noticed about every successful marketer.

If you think about all the successful people in your niche you will often find glaring similarities. This is a quick way to notice what you should be doing.

Ok, so the biggest thing I have noticed about those who are successful online are those who are consistent.

Meaning that they consistently do something that is producing results for their business. They don't quit if a blog post flops, a promotion fails, etc. They don't switch to a new business model if they don't get results immediately. They know that if they stay consistent and keep putting in the effort daily it will pay off.

You have to think long-term. Not everything you do online will be successful but if your consistent you will find what works, what doesn't, and before you know it you will have a lot of assets you can utilize.

Right now, think about all the people who are doing well in your industry. I bet you will notice that they do something almost daily that produces results. It could be posting to their blog, sharing a video, launching a product, promoting an affiliate product, etc.

Not all successful people do the same things but they all do one thing consistently that delivers results.
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    Very well said and I could not agree more.

    The spot where most people fail is they try something for a week or so. Then the next "product of the day" comes out and then they abandon what they started and try that. And then the cycle repeats.

    Then get frustrated when they are not getting any results.


    When searching for gold I . . It is better to dig 1 one-hundred foot hole than to dig 100 one-foot holes.

    That is what most people do when they "try" something for a little bit then try something else then scream nothing works.

    Find one thing you enjoy and keep at that until it is a success. Give success no other option :-)

    Great post
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      I'm going to be boring and totally agree too

      I don't know if you've read Felix Dennis's book, "How to get rich", but in there he talks about a friend of his who was very capable but never got rich.

      The explanation given for this is that his friend was always moving from one thing to another, and never stuck consistently to one thing that might have enabled him to be successful.

      Apparently moving around all the time is the way prey behaves, and prey gets eaten. Predators stick to one thing and do the eating!

      Well, that's what Felix Dennis says anyway.
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      Yep, so true.

      It doesn't take a genius to find success in this industry. It is a matter of tweaking and testing. And once you find a certain Method that you become profitable with just exploit the hell out of it til no end

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    I've been at this for 6 years and still haven't seen the type of success I want yet. BUT...I'm not letting that stop me. People quit too early. They don't have the drive to keep pushing forward even if everything looks bad.

    I've seen a lot of interviews of millionaires, billionaires, ultra successful people and the one advice they all have in common is:

    Don't give up.
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      Originally Posted by Edwin Torres View Post

      I've seen a lot of interviews of millionaires, billionaires, ultra successful people and the one advice they all have in common is:

      Don't give up.
      Good analogy and great info-picture to explain it. Consistency is better than brilliance in my opinion. This is why alot of people fail when they try to do illegal stuff that is *supposedly* going to make them "fast money".
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        Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

        Good analogy and great info-picture to explain it. Consistency is better than brilliance in my opinion. This is why alot of people fail when they try to do illegal stuff that is *supposedly* going to make them "fast money".
        Oh my gosh !! I LOVE this. What a great picture analogy. Probably one of the best I've seen as it applies to this Industry.

        I wonder how many times this has happened ?

        I know I have been there myself but just as I decided to walk away ,something told me to stick it out and that I was going in the right direction. And found out in the end it was the right direction

        - Robert Andrew

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    Absolutely true, and here is WHY:

    Growth simply does not occur the way people believe it should.

    Same mistake I made in the first two years of running my own business. I'm not exempt.

    Every time you jump after the next shiny object, you go back to zero.
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      Thank you for the thoughtful and insightful post!

      Over the past year I've noticed that online growth is often like natural evolution, it takes time and will not always proceed in the direction you want or expected it to.

      The most important thing to remember is that failure and short-comings will occur, you just need to find a way to stay motivated throughout the hard times, and also admit your own mistakes.

      I'll start by admitting mine:

      - I gave up too early when I wasn't seeing any good results and I didn't do the correct research, like I should have.

      So this time around I'm going to do it right and stay consistent throughout my new journey, regardless of the type of online business I decide to start!

      Good luck to you all in your future endeavors!


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    Consistency is good but blind consistency without adaptability can lead to nothing. There's a quote attributed to Albert Einstein that says, " You can't do the same thing over and over again and expect different results."
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    Consistency will unlock the keys to the kingdom.

    When you combine consistency with implemented knowledge, you'll build an empire.

    I've seen people go from zero to millionaires very quickly using the internet and the two above principles.

    It's an amazing process, and frustratingly simpler than we sometimes want to accept :-)

    The big wealth results are very real, but people forget so is the hustle that went into making it happen!
    Free Video Series Show You the Exact Tools Six-Figure Affiliate & Network Marketers Use
    Attract. Sponsor. Build an Empire.

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    Great analogy @coach comeback. Perfect visual for the point I was trying to make.

    I haven't read that book before @keiran but will certainly check it out.

    Awesome Stuff @Edwin Torres! Thats the kind of attitude it takes to be successful. Its also the type of attitude that will take you from one level to the next as you grow.

    @stackman I agree with that. But most people don't give things a long enough go to analyze and improve on. If it don't work fast they are on to the next thing. It takes time to figure things out but once you do you do it over and over again until you master it.

    Your welcome @karlstech! Sounds like you have the right mindset to hit your goals Karl. I have certainly been through many ups and downs in my journey. Sometimes its tough to stay motivated. For me its the small wins that keep me motivated. By being consistent those small wins happen frequently and keep me motivated to keep pushing. Thanks for your reply!

    Well said @gregthewriter. Simplicity or lack there of is another thing that I see leads to failure. People focus on having everything just right, the most advanced tools, the best plugins, etc. They forget what really makes a business successful...Delivering value, communicating with your audience, and selling. Its easy to overcomplicate things fast and never focus on the things you should be focusing on.

    Great feedback from everyone here!
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    Good advice! Consistent is the key!
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    I think it boils down to two things: escaping the "push-button riches" mindset, and avoiding over complicating things. You have to expect to put in some effort, but you also need to realize that at their core, the best methods for making money online are actually relatively simple. There is kind of a fine line between the two.
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    I have heard the old saying - a jack of all trades is a master of none.

    People will pay a whole lot more for a super star than an also ran.

    Look at sports stars and tell me. What is the difference in pay -

    between worst player and best player on a team?
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    That was a classic and oh-so-true share.

    I have a coach that keeps on preaching the fundamentals and that I must do something everyday to build my business. Even on weekends.

    He encourages me that in the long run, all that I am doing will pay off. He reminds me that I am providing solutions to people. And being consistent with them is very important.

    When I make a mistake, he analyzes it with me, shows me how to do it again and tells me that I will make mistakes and that is okay. That is how I will learn. And then he sends me off to get the job done,.

    So I am so with your message post. Thank you.

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      I agree with @seobro being a jack of all trades is far less valuable than being specialized and focused on one or two particular areas.

      Getting a solid strategy and committing to it is the most important thing. Of course results don't happen overnight (unless you're really lucky) so you have to stay positive and driven.

      Having a solid network of like-minded ambitious people who you can get advice from is always helpful- business coaching is great too.
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    Exactly my thoughts! Consistency is the key.
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    Shiney Object Syndrome has a lot to answer for!
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    I agree. Consistently making forward progress is key
    Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.
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    May I add to this, please.. One major factor is not being afraid of Failure. I must've done many mistakes before I figured certain things out. Success comes to those that make mistakes. (FACT)
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      Yeah, it takes time to really pinpoint what's wrong in your entire sales funnel -- It happens only:

      ** After getting a significant number of impressions and clicks on an ad so as to drive traffic to an incentivized offer;

      ** After watching a specific percentage of that traffic convert to sign-ups or downloads;

      ** After watching a specific number of those downloads and sign-ups convert to sales or inquiries or support calls or opened emails; and

      ** After getting those sales convert to repeat sales or viral word-of-mouth advertising or refund requests or hate mail or more support calls ...

      And ...

      That's the only time you'll be able to tell if there's something wrong with:

      ** Your product;

      ** Your support services;

      ** Your sales page;

      ** Your incentivized offer and follow-up promotional materials (soft sell and hard sell materials);

      ** Your landing page;

      ** Your ad materials and promotional campaigns; and / or

      ** Your traffic sources ...

      And ...

      That's the only time you'll be able to tell if there's something wrong with your overall business model, since that's the only time you'll be able to look closer at your business PPTs, which are:

      ** Your processes;

      ** Your people; and

      ** Your technologies ...
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