How to Create Free Banners, Headers, Social Media Designs Easily

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Hey Warriors :-)

I'm sure a TON of you already know this, but I think this would be useful for a newbie who is trying to bootstrap their way into the online marketing space.

Instead of paying fiverr for cheap graphics, why not just make some of your own?

I suck at photoshop but I have successfully used to build out my:
  • blog's header
    email list header
    twitter design
    facebook like page header
    banner ads
    facebook ads

This has saved me quite a bit of money and if you plan on starting a bunch of niche sites it'll do the same for you.

Very easy to use and intuitive and you can buy their awesome backgrounds for like a $1.

I haven't bought anything from them yet, but probably will.

Anyhow, wanted to share this free resource especially for the person where every dollar counts in making their internet marketing dreams come true.

Talk soon,
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