What Makes A Great WSO?

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More specifically, to you, what screams "high quality product" when you view a WSO?

I have an upcoming product that I'd like to offer a WSO on, and I'd love to hear your opinions on what makes a WSO fantastic.

Is it lots of social proof? Is it real scarcity/exclusivity? An offer description that obviously has a lot of effort put into it?

Let me know your thoughts!


P.S. - I used the search function prior to this and was unsuccessful in locating a topic that described what I'm looking to hear.
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    When you find a good wso let us know.... I have yet to find one
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    One word: value.

    Your WSO needs to offer buyers a high return on their investment; the higher the potential return, the better the WSO, simple as that.

    - Tom

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        I don't look for "great WSO's" - most of them are priced at a point where "useful" would be worth it.

        That said, the first thing I personally look at is WHO the seller is and what his rep is here.

        If every post since joining is about "how do I make money from this forum" I usually move on. What I see in OP's posts is someone who appears to have some expertise in the field he talks about. The 2-3 responses he's given seem to be spot on...but most of the posts are about a potential WSO.

        If you run a WSO get some reviews from members who seem to have KNOWLEDGE in field of your WSO. Reviews by people equally new or with little participation on the WF aren't worth anything in my opinion.

        As for what you mention as a potential for a WSO - I'd consider dividing the subject matter and making it into two or a series of WSOs to cover the subject. Good info - and low prices - with a decent sales page (doesn't need to be 20 pages of flashy images!) - will help build a rep here and that increases sales.

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    Originally Posted by CodySparrow View Post

    Is it lots of social proof? Is it real scarcity/exclusivity? An offer description that obviously has a lot of effort put into it?
    What you're really asking here is what makes a convincing WSO sales letter.
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    Originally Posted by CodySparrow View Post

    P.S. - I used the search function prior to this and was unsuccessful in locating a topic that described what I'm looking to hear.

    The search function works just fine!

    These are just a few threads I've found using the search function.


    Some of the above links are wso's and I don't endorse any of these, I'm just posting them for illustration purposes to show that the search function works if you expand your mind to include a variety of search queries, the above threads were found using just one query which was (great wso).
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    Thanks for the fantastic advice guys.

    Kay - I appreciate the great post. Seriously, one of the best I've seen. I'll keep all of that in mind when it comes time for me to release a product. Yes, it would make a lot of sense to divide up the subject matter, and it makes a lot of sense to get valuable reviewers. I'll try and create the best value product that I possibly can.

    Thanks again, everyone.


    Edit - thanks for the resources, Joseph. I'll put them good use!
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      So many products do not offer value and they lack the HOW. I don't want to copy someone else marketing funnel or income stream, but geez hardly any WSO's provide some guidance of how!!

      People know you can make money with PPC for example, so instead of a WSO showing how to set up a bing account and five video's on each demographic or target, a WSO that would maybe show us a case study campaign from beginning to end would be more VALUE!!!

      Just my thoughts......Not all WSO are rubbish, but sadly most are!
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    Real Info sharing their experience in WSO is good, But mostly people make WSO to make quick money
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    I would focus on NEW techniques

    The techniques must be ACTIONABLE

    Step by step video guides would definitely be helpful

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    Great for the vendor or great for the buyer?

    I think to sell, you need to have something hot and current right now, it has to offer value, it has to have the perception of being 'new' or 'secret' because you've just cracked the code. Reality.

    And for the buyers, I think Paul Myers said this, give them what you sold them and sneak in a little of what they need.

    Needs and wants... two very different things.
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    Its great content. Most of WSO are from the poeple who earned a bit of money and shared how.

    What they lack is the real struggle needed to create value.
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    An easy test is if people would gladly buy your product at the normal price,
    then you have a great WSO. So if you can show that other people were
    happy with the full-price purchase, then you have a winner.

    -Ray Edwards
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      Very simply put . . .

      The good WSOs give me credible, honest answers to the questions I have.

      I stay away from general WSOs and am focused more on those that will educate and instruct me on a specific topic or issue I'm having.

      WSOs that try to cover too much ground often attempt to be comprehensive and touching on every aspect of marketing. They end up being "white washes" and simply overview information that can be found anywhere.

      I want in-depth, professional and specific information that may only address one question I am having. So maybe the WSO is only 6 pages - that's OK if it helps me resolve my issue.

      Too many WSOs are simply regurgitated rehashed information that really is useless to the serious online business owner.

      Good luck to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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