New site on an expired domain to skip the sandbox - relevancy matters?

by luku
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I've been recently looking for ways to launch a new site without all the struggle related to the famous Big G's sandbox. I've been reading about people launching new niche sites on recently expired domains (expired but still indexed). I've read that this technique doesn't work every time and some sites built on expired domains tend to rank quickly indeed, but then there are also many cases where it doesn't work at all.

I am wondering what I can do to maximise the chances for a quick, sandbox-free website launch. One thing that came to my mind is the relevancy, so I have a question to all of you who have been using expired domains to build new sites in order to limit the sandbox effect:

Do you look at the domain name relevancy in the context of what has it been used for before vs. what do you plan on a new site? What about the site content relevancy, so the content / topic match on the old expired site vs. the new one, planned), does it matter to you?

For example, what would you do in the following case:

Let's assume I want to launch a site about mowers and find a domain with a brandable name, spam-free, with good metrics, still indexed, with a name that could somehow fit the mowers-related site well BUT the content on the expired domain has previously been about golf gear (as spotted via - so pretty far from the mowers niche. In such case, would you:

a) go and launch a site about mowers on that domain, regardless the fact it's been about golf previously?
b) don't use it for anything other than golf because of the site content relevancy match?

I'd appreciate a word of advice, thanks.
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    I'll just continue to advertise, thanks.
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    Go to: Find domains containing mowers. If you can't find. Find some related domains to it. Lets say if your niche is golf. If you can't find good domains in golf then find a good domain that is related to sports at least. This should minimize the sandbox effect. However, you can also target keywords with low competition. Sandbox effect would be maximum only for high competition keywords.
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