Where can I sell blogspace? any website that does that?

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I have a blog that received 15K visitors a month
can I sell an ad space for £100/month?

also I am running adsense does that is allowed?

and where can I sell my adspace?
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    Take a look at buysellads.com. As the name suggests you can buy or sell ads (mostly banner ads) but if you take a look you can see how it works.

    I only buy through there so I am not sure what the site rules etc are for selling but I am sure the website will help.

    Good luck.

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    Originally Posted by smitchacha View Post

    where can I sell my adspace?

    I would sell my ad space to companies that are in my niche. It seems so obvious, doesn't it? People that are willing to pay for ad space want targeted traffic. So go directly to the sites in the niche including portals, forums, directories, blogs, ecommerce sites, etc - those that could benefit from your own targeted traffic.


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    As GillW2015 suggested, BuySellAds.com is where I would go. Put advertisement kit on your blog and perhaps some of your visitors get interested in your offer? I used to Google for blogs in my niche and look if any of those blogs were selling any ad space. I was surprised at how many people used Adsense only and I am sure I was able to pay them more than what they made through AdSense.

    Don Mazonas.
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    Buysellads.com is absolute garbage. I've tried to purchase from them in the past and had constant non-delivers where I was forced to obtain a refund.

    The support from the company is trash as well. Avoid them like the plague.

    That said, what type of content?
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    I go to blog ads dot com. They let you set your own price. Frankly, it is a great service. Best advice is start with a low price. After a while, raise it a little, and then raise it some more. Eventually, you will find what your max price is. Typically, you will find it easy to convince new customers at less than a dime per click, and hard at over a quarter, but your mileage may vary.
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    You can use Adsense with other banners or affiliate promotion links. Just be sure you don`t get your blog full of ads, just so you stay safe. I felt like answering this, as I haven`t seen a clear answer about it.
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