Domains : .im - Internet Marketing ?? end of .com ?

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Hi there,

Well i read somewhere i don't remeber that .im domains are a great future. It seems infomercial / commercial is what a website is. most websites today are informative website and with .info a long name, .im = infomercial could be an upcoming trend.

Also .im also stands for internet marketing and might be used in this field a lot as internet marketing is a very huge thing in todays online world.

Again another use for the .im domain is as " I AM " and something like can be stated as i am mad !! .

What do you think guys ? you think this extension has potential ? or .com is what you all support all the time ?

Also i read a few things about .org domains for SEO purposes here.
.org Domains a better option - Find out why. |

Just a thought.

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    I have a few .im domains I plan to build some IM niche sites on - kind of expensive, though, as far as domain names go.

    .im is the TLD for the Isle of Mann, so you can either get a, or just plain .im.
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    They are going cheap as of now correct ? but i guess the renewal might be a little expensive.

    but i guess its a powerful extension.

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    It has the potential, but barely 0.5% of internet users have a clue what internet marketing is by definition. They are always going to type .com out of habit.
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    Yup, the type - in traffic might be less, but what about for premium domains ??

    Something short and sweet ? , obviously they wouldnt visit the site by type-in , but once they know about the extension i am sure they wouldnt forget.

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    The big hurdle is that most people only know and use .com. Some browsers insert it anyway. If they don't get it first go, they move on.

    Tony Stockill

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      Originally Posted by Ken Nubo View Post

      I use .info and .com makes no difference.

      But I use .info, do you know why? BECAUSE IT'S CHEAPER, HAHAHA.

      Hehehe... yea .info are cheap and they are good as well .
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    Maybe for the future, but as for now, try searching for property. (while it exists) doesn't appear in the top 100 even though the URL is keyword exact.
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