How many WordPress sites?

by qmt
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How many WP sites do you have?
As a developer I am curious about the average number of sites a "Marketer" will create and manage at one time.
As marketing experience is gained are you more likely to focus your efforts on fewer sites or to have more sites?
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  • 5 sites max for me at any given time

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    The real work starts before you launch.

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    I have only one WordPress site: and I am focusing on it.
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    I currently have more than 20 WordPress sites running, some of them are doing well some are doing fine. It really depends on how much you need to manage it and what content needs to be updated, however you can always find an outsource to keep em healthy!

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      OK 1 to more than 20 - anybody else?
      I would be interested how long you have been marketing also, to go along with it.
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    I have had multiple sites and it was complete nightmare for me. I would say focus on 1 adding content that offers value to people and post to it daily until you get it profitable and once you have it pretty much automated, then move to #2

    Wish I would have learned that when I started.

    I have learned that Multitasking is a Myth...
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    I don't use wordpress so I don't have any.
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    I got like 2 well developed and 3 still developing
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    I just have a couple. You really need to focus and get your websites reaching their full potential before you move on to another site in another niche.
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    i have 4 WordPress websites, but i am focusing only one. It's really depends on your time management skill and how complex and big your website is and how much time you need to update the content.
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    I have single one.
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    i have none but looking forward to make one but then again i am working for a SAAS Landing page builder company. let's see

    To know more or if you need any sorts of help
    E-mail :

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    I have 3 WordPress sites at this moment: a blog, 1 for selling one of my products and one promoting an affiliate product.
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      You can only juggle so many balls at a time, to many and you're likely to drop them all. I have 3 sites but only moved onto site 2 once site 1 was generating some success and then on to site 3. To many sites and you'll spread yourself thin unless you can afford to outsource.

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    I have about 300. What do I win?
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    20-30 site, if you are capable of managing more then do it. =))

    visit website product review

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    I have 8 as of now and about 11 domains

    One is a E-Commerce that I will let expire. Next month

    I have 2 for a good friend one promotes his business and another his daughters racing activities, That is the best site for traffic.

    One fishing site

    One site about producing side income

    A directory site that was built to screw around with.

    A site offering web-design that is sitting o & a site featuring local homes.These are sitting on the back burner.

    Plan on reducing down the next several auto renewals. Also going to let domains expire not worth the headaches of constant up-dates an lack of focus.

    E-bay and Amazon are just easier for me to sell on IMHO

    Also several other domains and at least 3 sites are already scrapped.

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    How are you going to use the gathered data?

    I have 0 WP sites. Do you want to know why I don't use WP?
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    I have a total of 5.
    2 in one niche, 2 more in another niche and the last one in a different niche..
    And one NON wordpress site..
    Got to focus on one at a time though to get the most out of each one of them..
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  • I have 2. One is for video tutorials I make and host at youtube and the other is eCommerce
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  • Profile picture of the author Brent Stangel
    How many WP sites do you have?
    According to Cpanel I currently have eight.

    As marketing experience is gained are you more likely to focus your efforts on fewer sites or to have more sites?
    I have far fewer then a few years ago.

    I would be interested how long you have been marketing also, to go along with it.
    Eight years online. Around 25 (snail mail) before that.
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    Looks like I have 12 at the moment. In January 2012, I had a little more than 1500.

    I've cut back.

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      Over a dozen. Had more up until a few years ago. And scaled back

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    About 10 at the moment, but focusing mostly on a couple. Of about 5 old sites that were non-WP, all have been converted to WP. Wordpress, when it matured, was a dream come true. I had tried other CMS such as Drupal and none were satisfactory. I can't imagine any future site not being WP.
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    • Profile picture of the author Jeff Schuman
      I don't have that many anymore either. I know of a guy who has one authority site that ranks for over 100 keyword phrases on each web page and is earning over $23K in Adsense earnings. He told me that is more fun continuing to develop both in terms of content and income then running numerous sites to earn the same thing. Makes sense to me if you can find a niche that turns you on.
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