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Hey Warriors,

I am currently working on a members area for my fitness/bodybuilding website and it's looking pretty good so far. The members area will be a paid membership site that will contain all of my best content from: step-by-step workout programs, videos, printable exercise pdfs, posters, meal plans and support from me that members will have 100% access to. All for a small fee of €5-€10.

The members area is currently located under my website address (which is my own name).

However, I am having second thoughts about having the members area under a different url, eg: "". Here are a few ideas for a title that I may or may not use:
  1. Get Big Get Shredded program
  2. Eat Clean Get Shredded program
  3. gym life bodybuilding

I haven't yet decided on a name for the product so I was hoping for suggestions from some of the top internet marketers on this forum to share there ideas. I want to thank many admirable warriror forum members for their help and support so far ; "Steve B, Andrewsfm, Mark Loftis. Really appreciate all of your contribution so far. Hats off!

The information that I share in the program will be to help people (mainly guys) transform their bodies, so they too can build lean muscle and get ripped, just like I have.

I was thinking of putting the product up on clickbank when it's done, as it might also be a better way to get affiliates to promote it and possibly generate more sales. But haven't decided what to do yet.

Would love to hear your feedback on this, as I want to avoid doing things the wrong way, so hopefully you can point me in the right direction. After all, this will be my very first product.

Thanks in advance,

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    Just throwing out a few ideas, hope there not to bad. If I think of any other I'll post them:

    Body Building Lifestyle
    The Spartacus Method
    Ultra Clean Fitness Regime

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      Thanks shane. Body Building lifestyle is a good name for a product or website but the name has been overused in the industry and besides, the domain is currently available but sells for €1,912.61 on Godaddy.

      Ultra Clean Fitness Regime is a good one but most of my workouts consist of weight training, I dont' want to give people the wrong idea about what I offer. Good ideas though.
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    Body Building Lifestyle sounds like a great membership site name.
    It grabs your attention and says what the prospect wants.
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    How about "getrippedquick"...


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    Body Building Lifestyle this is just great name for membership site , product I think
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    Originally Posted by Justin012 View Post

    Here are a few ideas for a title that I may or may not use:
    1. Get Big Get Shredded program
    2. Eat Clean Get Shredded program
    3. gym life bodybuilding
    I was hoping for suggestions. Would love to hear your feedback ...

    Hey Justin,

    I like your ideas but I would try to find a memorable short name that you could use for both your membership domain as well as a product name (I would use the same name for both for easier branding).

    When you're thinking of the name, remember to sell the dream instead of the hard work it takes to get to the dream. Remember the customer wants to know WIIFM (what's in it for me) i.e. "the benefit."

    Accordingly, your #3 above (gym life bodybuilding) sounds like too much work! It's the road you have to travel to get there and that's not as appealing to a prospect as seeing himself after the work . . . sell him on what he'll look like when he's now shredded!

    I would focus your effort on the word "shredded." Look for a short two word domain. It will be more memorable than those you've already mentioned. Here are a few ideas, maybe one will click with you ...


    I ran these names (and some others) through my bulk domain finder . . . and these are the ones that are still available for registration.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Thanks for sharing these ideas Steve, I may just use one of them as a domain. I haven't really put in a lot of work on the membership site yet. although, I have started it, I was using the membership pro plugin for a while, by restricting most of my best posts for members only but only 1 person signed up. I was expecting a lot more sign ups, since the price I set was only $5.50 per month.

      I noticed I was getting less traffic to my blog posts since I restricted a lot of my posts, so I decided to make them available for everyone to read in full. I'm not sure why anybody would want to pay $5 just to get access to restricted blog posts on my site, when they could find similar information on other websites. Just seemed like a waste of them for me.

      I decided to make things a little bit easier by just offering my services and creating a few digital products to sell on my site at a very affordable cost (between $5-$50). Since I went this route, I have made a few sales, so I think i'll continue creating more product to expand my income.

      Again, thanks guys for your contribution and have a fantastic new year!

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    You have already branded yourself with your current website. So, I do not see why a different name/domain should be used for your membership area. Why not stick with a subdomain of your main site such as

    From looking at your site you seem to be doing a good job at making yourself the "product" so why not keep it in house

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    One of my top way to find a title or in your case a name for your product is to look at your content. Generally you will find something that you wrote that will stand out for you that you can use.
    You can use offline magazine ads and look at the books form their list for some great titles too.
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