Is Content Curation Dead Or Does It Still Bring Free Traffic?

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Content Curation Is The Process of gathering other people work together to try and get more traffic to your blog right?

I stumbled upon this method a few weeks after making my blog and it was a God send. I get more views to those post where I do Content Curation then on other post where its just an article.

Lately i been doing a top 10 list or top 7 list maybe for writers and ill include a link back to there website. ill then contact them through email or Twitter and tell them i included them in my post and can they please share on there social networks. (Facebook,Pintrest,etc)

Most of them do and that brings me a ton of traffic to my website and theirs as well. So in my opinion Content Curation Works Great and its a easy way to get traffic to your website for free.

If you have a health blog try doing a list of 20 smoothie recipes or health drinks. Find 20 different good blogs that have a following and add a recipe from there page. Add a picture and a link back to there post. And when your done and you share on your own social networks. Reach out to the 20 blog owners and ask for a share. If only 5 decide to do it you will get a massive flow of free traffic.
Don't forget to Gather there emails.. Enjoy
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    If You Have Any Ideas Please Share Im New To Blogging Thanks!
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    IMO quality content will almost always bring in traffic.
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    Ask BuzzFeed. People love lists.

    Some do it with videos. They pick a bunch of related videos a mix them, like "TOP 5 scary pranks", and they get a lot of traffic.


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    Lists, as long as they are useful to the readers, will always draw people in.

    People will bookmark them, share them and go back to them when they need the information.

    But the key is coming up with content so useful that people cannot ignore it (even if they try). This type of content takes a while to create but it is the content that can bring massive amounts of people to your website.
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      My longest list is only 20. should go for a longer one.
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        Originally Posted by Megiddo View Post

        My longest list is only 20. should go for a longer one.
        Not a bad idea, but don't go for length over quality.

        Luring people in with something like "200 Delicious Smoothie Recipes" will probably lure a bunch of people, but if 190 of those recipes are worthless, you do yourself more harm than good.

        Kind of like a guy stuffing a rolled up sock in his pants, or a gal stuffing whatever in her bra, before going to a club. The appearance may get you the deal, when it's time to get down to business, the trickery will be obvious.
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    Why not? If its good content and not just the same hash stuff that is out there but delivers value. The more the better...
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    I do think content curation is a win-win situation for both parties (the content creators and the one who is curating them), but I think it still requires a good balance of creating your own quality content as well. I use feedly to follow many blogs that interest me and I love to use Pinterest for quick research for a "home n garden" type site that I work on.

    ~ Rhonda White
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      Content curation is still a good method.

      Combine it with unique quality content then you are golden.

      Huffingtonpost and buzzfeed uses content curation and are seen as mayor online authorities... content curation is awesome and easy
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