just got my product and site done ... feedback

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Could you please tell me how my site looks ... it's basically my first one ever other than the wordpress ones i made marketing other peoples products....


by the way , whats the best way to go about marketing my own product?

would love some input and suggestions

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    Well done Buckz for your first one! Not sure on the colors. The black may be a little harsh but give it a test and measure first.

    I'm a big fan of using multimedia on my pages such a audio and video (check out my sites and you'll see what I mean).

    Also, you need to give your book away to people and get them to give you an audio or video testimonial. Ultimately people want to see other people like them succeeding and will take more notice of what they say.

    You may also want to think about what sort of bonuses you could give away with the book.

    I hope these suggestions are useful:-)

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    I agree that it looks nice. I'd like to see a few more things in the copy to break it up like pics, graphs, etc.
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    Great looking site.
    To promote:
    partial pdf with links to special sales page highlighting what they read and "What they are missing out on / video / Affiliate network eg: clickbank or paydotcom
    forums express information with followup more on your special side page.
    Offer special limited time discount offer to forums that are interested in your product
    Good luck

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    I agree with a few others - more pics, more "stuff" for viewers to look at. You have to remember, a VERY small percentage of people will actually read your copy. Most people look at bulletpoints, pictures, graphs, testimonials and other copy that is easy to glance real quick at.

    Make it a no-brainer for them to purchase. Offer a few testimonials (i don't see any).
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    I notice in your headers you don't have a description. The title is ok though.

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      1. Don't like the pics, period. My 1st impression, this is an Exercising/Workout site because those fake waxed ripped looking mannequins. Get some REAL pics, get some guy 20 lbs over with a before and after pic. Get some fat soccer mom who is 50lbs overweight with stretchmarks and show her losing 25 lbs. Not one person reading this believes they will EVAR look like those freaks in the pictures.

      2. Add the "Order Now" button more often between the copy, in other words, ABC (always be closing).

      3. No one believes the Special price of $37, find another way to create Urgency.

      4. Where's my Bonus? Always offer a Bonus if I order now or Upsell a bonus that is 15% of the normal price. Example, reg $40 now $7.

      5. I would add PayPal.

      6. Add more credibility in your header. Some health association logo, etc...

      7. Use Celebrity talk in your copy, but be careful. Say things such as how do Hollywood celebrities lose weight, etc...

      8. The best Colors to use are Blue background.

      9. Your subheadline has too many words. In fact, it's longer than the headline.

      10. I don't see the 100% Guarantee until I scroll all the way to the bottom. Place it in the TOP left hand corner, where people actually read. Increase the Guarantee to 1 year. The longer the Guarantee, the Higher the sales and the less chargebacks. True!

      11. You have NO 3rd party endorsements.

      I have about 20 more, but make the changes and PM me, I'll take another look.

      I personally would never buy this for $37, nor $7. The storyline is not convincing nor compelling.

      Sorry for acting like Simon Cowell, but I tell it like it is. I want YOU to succeed.

      Good Luck

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