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I'm building a micro jobs community website for the home musicians/producers niche. People can make money recording parts for other people songs from home, teaching lessons online, etc. Now I have many avenues to promote this but have very little idea how to actually do this successfully.

My Assets:
1. An email subscription list of about 1300 people in this niche.
2. My own facebook group in the niche
3. I'm a member of almost 50 other facebook groups in this niche
4. A presence on a few chat forums in this niche
5. About 1,000 youtube subscribers on music related vids
6. Many people I personally know online and off in this niche.

So far I've only approached people I know on facebook as I want to get some activity happening to make it more inviting before I promote it to people I don't know. Most friends say "What a great idea, site looks great". Then they disappear. I assume this is because there's not much activity yet.

My questions are:
1. What are some ways to make an online community irresistible so my personal friends first get involved?


2. What are some creative ways to market to all these assets in a way that makes them take action and get involved?
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    It's seems like a great idea!

    For now, you might want to forget about trying push your friends there...that will happen on it's own as they see you building a successful community. Just talk about it occasionally with enthusiasm. That will probably spark interest on its own naturally without any extra coaxing on your part.

    Next, think how you can serve your community. What can you offer them? In any business, customers want to know what's in it for them. Do focus on building your own community group. Serve them. Help them. Generate content to help them become successful and make money. Begin to build a "team spirit" by introducing some "group" projects. Once they see the possibilities...enthusiasm will grow and spread. You must have lots of traffic gathering to offer them before it's worth their time to get involved with your "micro jobs community website".

    ~ Rhonda White
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      What do people in this market need and want?

      Whatever that is . . . give it to them in a way that they will see great value in your contributions and they will want to engage with you for more of the same.

      Find a need and provide a solution. That's the basis of most successful online businesses. To find the need, ask your friends and subscribers. Do market research online to uncover demand in the marketplace.

      To create a real community you will have to make it worth the while for people to visit your site often. Keep them coming back.

      I would include a forum in your web site. Try Membergate as a true all-in-one platform for publishing, selling, blogging, video/audio, affiliate program and much more.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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        In this case, the problem I'm attempting to solve is that fact that people rarely buy music anymore since streaming sites hit the scene. I figured out a process of attracting customers and getting paid to make music for them from my home over the last 2 years.

        I'm attempting to give other people in my niche the formula and a worldwide platform on which to provide it. However I'm really not sure how to communicate that to them in an exciting way.
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    You have a 1300 person advantage that a lot of new entrepreneurs would love! Survey them and find out what they need help with.

    Try asking a question to find a pain that you can help them with. Ask what their biggest pain is, get them moaning about the problems they have with their business and then solve those problems for them.
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      Do you suggest telling them about the site from the start or waiting until after I've done more surveying to present it?

      Should I have most of the solutions already integrated into the site before inviting everyone or create it as I go?
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