do we submit the same article to ezine & go articles?

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hi ,

do we submit the same article to ezine & go articles? or does this have to be a different article?

if i write 3 articles in a day, then shall i submit 2 to EZA and one to Go ?
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    All you need to do for best affect is 'tweak' these articles and re-write them a bit! The standard is around 30-40% difference in the wording and it will then be "unique" again - which is what all the article directories prefer!
    That way - you can submit all the articles to all the directories and get the best benefit - make sure you have a differently worded resource box for each too!
    Hope that helps - Kym
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    I'm sure ezine need around 80% rewriting!

    They have got strict!
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      thanks for the replies.

      i dont understand when people say "re-write" ? can someone please tell me where the original articles are? that we re-write to?

      & every time we submit an article we should have totally different wording?
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        When I first started article marketing a few years back, I used to submit to
        many directories. I even used an article submitter.

        What I discovered was that the only directory that gave me any significant
        amount of traffic at all was Ezine Articles, so I have stopped submitting to
        the other ones. It was just a waste of time.

        If you do want to submit to both, submit to EZA first, get it approved and
        then submit a slightly altered version to GoArticles. I am sure you will find
        that the traffic from the latter is very poor.
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          With respect,

          You do not need to rewrite your articles at all. As Steven said, you may need to submit to EZA first, but there is no longer a need to rewrite your article.

          But you do need to know a little more!

          Shoot me a PM and I'll send you all the info about it that is 100% backed up by the top of the internet world. Way too much to write here.

          Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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          ok thanks for the reply, but when i write articles i will now be slightly tweaking them by add few more words here & this enough?? ot make it different?

          also do people use already published articles & re-write these? where can i find these? .....................or shall i continue to write about music stars,new releases, music this sort of content ok?

          resouce box = il change the wording on Ezine but what about goarticles bio box, is it ok if this stays the same?
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