How do I find affiliates to promote my physical products?

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Hi there!

I am a small online retailer of physical products (fitness niche) that sell rather well. I don't want to sound smug, but I am rather proud of how I managed my online business promoting them. The products I offer are of the highest quality since I worked on improving them after a trial run.

However, I am stuck and could use your help. How do I find affiliates willing to promote my products?
I am willing to pay extra compared to what amazon and have to offer. But I don't know who to turn to.

Could you please give me some advice?
Any help would be much appreciated!
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    The easiest way is to join an affiliate network that specializes in physical products like Shareasale, Avantlink and CJ. There are companies that will manage the affiliate program for you which includes recruiting good affiliates. I can't remember the names of any off-hand but I am sure Shareasale can recommend some.

    If you want to do it manually yourself. You can make a search in Google with your top performing keywords, note the websites in top position, and invite the owners to join.

    There is also a forum Abestweb that concentrates on the affiliate promotion of physical products.

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    You could find YouTubers in the fitness niche that would be interested in sponsoring/recommending your products. Check out a website called Channel Pages, they make it pretty easy to contact interested YouTubers.
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    CJ or Amazon
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    Have you tried an offline solution? Like printing around 1000 flyers and distribute them in a place with lots of potential affiliates. Maybe in the parking lots of a stadium.
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    Post your opportunity here: Affiliate Program Database
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    I would suggest that you place your product on Amazon or Ebay and then offer your product to some expert Internet Marketers for free in exchange to write a product review for you, and then, after a while, once it has a decent number of purchases and reviews (at least 5), then you should find many affiliates trying to promote your product on their niche sites!

    Hope this helps

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      As others have said, try Amazon, CJ and ShareASale. I noticed that you are fine with giving extra compared to those platforms, which is nice, but why not get started with those? You can always run a private affiliate program down the line (use the iDevAffiliate software for that).

      Glad that you are managing well.

      Over PM, do you mind sharing what all you sell? I am also into many health / fitness related products, as an affiliate, so that is interesting for me!

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        Why don't you put an affiliate link at the bottom of your sales page and have affiliate tools for the affiliates.

        Then make a video and squeeze page and talk about your product and why people should promote your product...

        Maybe give away bonuses or prizes

        Then promote your affiliate program not just your product
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