I have 177k Likes and 20k active users on every post.

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Hi Entrepreneurs ,

This is my FB Page which i have been running from last 1.5 years.


All the likes are organic . and every time i post any thing interesting . . it reach to 20k users easily .

Now my question is if anyone can tell me how i can start earning from these users. I have tried to post some click bank offers but no luck. may be i have select the wrong product. Above all . Please Please share some good thing which i can do and start earning

Thanks in Advance
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    I would try with free cpa offers related to your page
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      Originally Posted by blitz20 View Post

      I would try with free cpa offers related to your page
      ok if you have any offer then give me i can try it for you. but give me the best one . because i can try only once. (I don't know how to get CPA offers and etc thats why i am here).

      Founder of The Master World

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    It s a passionate group of people I would go with some t-shirt campaigns
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      Originally Posted by nicholasb View Post

      It s a passionate group of people I would go with some t-shirt campaigns
      dear can you tell me how or where to start this t shirt campaign business .i really want to do it . just forward me the best links thanks

      Founder of The Master World

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    sending you a PM

    BearArms Bracelets | The Original Bullet Jewelry
    Bracelets made with Real Recycled Bullet Casings!
    Only Available at www.BearArmsBracelets.com

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    You can design and sell your own t-shirts through Spreadshirt
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    Since this group is targeting army personnel, I would try free cpa offers dealing with love and relationship improvement, as being in the military myself alot of them are seriously depressed with their loved ones being far from them. Also, you can post workout offers and supplement offers.

    Workout procedures and supplements are a BIG thing in the military as everyone uses them.
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    I think you need to explore on expanding your post engagements vs. just impressions. The impressions are always nice but impressions are very cheap to purchase anywhere even google adwords. The actual post engagement is probably more important to explore. I hope that helps.

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      Who is your audience and what are their interests?

      If your visitors have common interests and you can identify what they are, then you can draw up some offers that are focused on what they want and make some money.

      Otherwise, your conversions will be in the dumper.

      In my experience, social media likes are not of much value when it comes to trying to monetize. Why?

      Usually because anyone can "like" a post, image, or quote. But there is not a lot of targeting going on. So you have an audience with a very diverse and varied set of likes, passions, and desires. When you make them an offer, they typically convert poorly because most folks could care less about spending money with you since you're not offering what they want.

      Selling anything is all about fulfilling wants, needs, and desires.

      So what do your visitor's want?


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    So, where's your website? What's your brand?

    Seems like you could have a good audience for... something, but it looks like you really haven't built up any sort of cohesive branding and don't have a site- or it's not showing.

    I don't agree with just throwing up affiliate offers and expecting them to convert. Sometimes... but I think it makes more sense to have a site, blog, something, and then use that huge following to get traffic to it. Don't just throw up links, but boost traffic to posts/articles/offers on your site that are monetized.

    I would try to create a Brand in a niche that appeals to that audience. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, and not really sure if there would be issues with the way it's presented, but it is very obvious you are representing this as a Govt org, and I bet a lot of Fans think it's something official to do with the "Army" (At first I was thinking US Army, but I see your "About" says "World Army" and your fans are international). I would be careful with my wording. So, that out of the way, I'm sure there is a product or service niche that would appeal to this audience. And/or you could even just have a blog about "Army Life" and have ads on the blog. Creating content for that would probably be easy. You can curate content on that topic easily and probably even get people to write for you for free.

    In general- I wouldn't rely on a Facebook page as the destination and place where you make your money.

    Addendum- I bet most of your fans are NOT from the U.S. and many non-English speakers, right? If so, that might be harder to monetize but I'm not sure. I primarily deal with US audiences and I only build up cheap Likes from other countries sometimes when I need a base number to make adding my target easier. I just bring that up because selling products comes with complications there.

    So, maybe I have no idea what you are trying to do here. In general my thoughts about needing to brand off-Facebook and use it as more of a traffic funnel stand.

    I'm a Professional Social Media Manager at BELIEVE Social. I specialize in authentic social media posting and engagement. I am available for hire- WSO here: Full Service, Affordable Social Media Plans for Business and Branding , but I truly enjoy talking and sharing free tips and thoughts- That's what being social is all about! sales@believesocial.com

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    What is the most important is the Demographics of your page.

    If they are between 13-18 years old , they will probably buy nothing

    The same if they are indians - they are not a consumer society who are fast to buy stuff from facebook pages.

    So check the demographics insights of your page, and that makes the difference
    if you will get to sell your facebook page for $ 10 or for $ 10,000
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      Make some T-Shirts designs with Spreadshirt and sell them.

      selling emailtemplates.info
      PM me if you are interested!

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